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    13 Celebs Who Have Revealed How They Handle Their Money And Salaries, And I'm Surprised At A Lot Of These

    "I want to know that I don’t have to take an acting job for two or three years if I don’t want to and that I’ll still be able to make my house and car payments."

    Talking about money — especially salaries — is still a bit taboo. However, in recent years celebrities have been more candid than ever about either the pay gap in salaries or how they handle their finances.

    Last week, Euphoria actress, Sydney Sweeney made headlines when she opened up about her financial struggles and how exactly her salary is spent. This got me wondering which other celebrities have gotten personal about their finances. I did some digging and here is what others had to say about the topic.

    sydney sweeney in HBO's euphoria

    1. Sydney Sweeney opened up about not being able to afford to take time off of work.

    Sydney Sweeney

    2. Dave Grohl revealed he is more on the frugal side with his money.

    Dave Grohl on stage playing his guitar

    3. Ellen Pompeo isn't afraid to discuss her high earnings in the hopes of inspiring other women to speak up for what they deserve.

    Ellen Pompeo in "Grey's Anatomy"

    4. Kanye West admitted when he went into extreme debt.

    Kanye West walking in a crowded street

    5. Ashley Greene revealed that she saves her paychecks so she doesn't have to take acting gigs for the sake of it.

    ashley greene posing on a red carpet in a black dress

    6. Issa Rae said she didn't know her worth as a freelancer when she was getting started in the industry.

    issa rae posing on a red carpet

    7. Ed Sheeran divulged that he gives himself an allowance.

    ed sheeran posing in a blue suit on a red carpet

    8. Hugo Weaving confessed to walking away from the Avengers franchise because he couldn't get the pay he wanted for it.

    Hugo Weaving posing on a red carpet

    9. Catt Sadler openly talked about walking away from her "dream job" after finding out her coworker was earning double her pay.

    cat sadler posing on a vanity fair party red carpet

    10. Michelle Williams took to Capitol Hill to discuss her experience with pay disparity in Hollywood.

    michelle williams in a black outfit

    11. Jennifer Lawrence spoke about how fickle the world of Hollywood can be when it comes to work and pay.

    up-close shot of jennifer lawrence at her movie premiere

    12. Patricia Arquette discussed money during her Oscars acceptance speech.

    Patricia Arquette posing in a black and white suit

    13. Bryce Dallas Howard got candid about how intimidated she would get during salary negotiations.

    Bryce Dallas Howard at a movie premiere