Everyone In "Euphoria" Is Going Through It, So I Picked Healing Crystals For Them

    Let's be real, they need all the help they can get.

    After two seasons of Euphoria, it might be safe to say that Rue and the rest of the students of East Highland High School need more than cosmic energy healing for the tumultuous recent year.

    Crystals have been on this Earth longer than we have. Naturally forming under pressure over millions of years, they are a valuable tool to help tap into our own inner magic and intuition.

    While there is no right or wrong way to tap into the ~magic~ of crystals, they work differently for everyone and should not be a replacement for any medical treatment you may be receiving.

    Also, Euphoria ~spoilers~ ahead, you've been warned! Let's get into it:

    1. Rue Bennett + Ruby

    2. Lexi Howard + Citrine

    3. Fez + Aquamarine

    fez blue sweater and aquamarine stone crystal

    4. Cassie Howard + Red Jasper

    5. Maddy Perez + Peridot

    6. Nate Jacobs + Howlite

    7. Jules Vaughn + Lapis Lazuli

    8. Elliot + Smoky Quartz

    9. Kat Hernandez + Ametrine

    10. Ethan + Amethyst

    11. Bobbi + Blue Kyanite

    I don't know what's coming for all of these babes in Season 3, but for the love of Sam Levinson, give them a break, give them alignment, give them clarity.