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Sydney Sweeney on red carpet wearing a halter-neck dress and layered necklaces

Sydney Sweeney’s Dream Of Working With Martin Scorsese Sparked A Whole Load Of Misogyny, And People Are Calling It Out

“austin butler (hannah montana, zoey 101) transitioned into prestige film. charles melton (riverdale) transitioned into prestige film. jacob elordi (kissing booth, euphoria) transitioned into prestige film, now sydney wants to and suddenly there’s discourse? get a life,” one person tweeted.

Director And Photographer Petra Collins Claimed She “Created A Whole World” For “Euphoria” That Sam Levinson Allegedly Ripped Off, And People Are Furious

Petra reportedly claimed that she worked on Euphoria for about five months before being dropped by HBO for being “too young” — and was left in tears when she saw an exact “copy” of her work produced by Sam a year later.

Barbie Ferreira Revealed The Real Reason Why She Left "Euphoria"

“I just felt like, maybe it’s like I overstayed my welcome a little bit? So, for me, I actually felt good to be like, ‘Okay, I get to not worry about this and we both don’t get too worried about this,’ because it’s exhausting.”


Which Nate Is Your Type?

Team Nate Archibald or Nate Jacobs.


I Am Genuinely Curious If Liked Or Disliked These 39 Very Popular 2022 TV Shows

We all hated Che in And Just Like That..., had many OMG moments while watching Euphoria, went back to Tatooine in both The Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi, got introduced to two new Marvel superheroes, caught up with the Bridgerton family, and thought about what our Vecna song would be thanks to Stranger Things 4. And all of that happened in 2022, and we aren't even done with the year.

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