26 Tweets About The Euphoria Season Finale That Sum Up Literally Every Thought I Had While Watching

    These tweets are my coping mechanism.

    The Euphoria season finale was last night and whewwwww boy, it was a doozy. A lot happened — and a lot didn't happen — and I ended the episode feeling sad, confused, pumped up, and eager to look on Twitter and see what everyone else had to say about it. The good people of Twitter did not disappoint.


    so many major plot loose ends but Elliot got to do a tiny desk concert for 5 min #Euphoria

    Twitter: @bimboyugari


    When Rue calls Lexi AFTER the play, but the scene ends up IN the play…

    HBO Max / Twitter: @kayboett


    imagine missing lexi's play now everybody at school talking about it for weeks lord have mercy

    Twitter: @ItsZaeOk


    the spotlight handler is messy they saw cassie walking up and said this is where the show is 😭

    Twitter: @amandabb__


    Instagram: @milliebobbybrownTwitter: @dayavitz


    S2 Finale without context #EuphoriaHBOMax #Euphoria

    Twitter: @brijenksz


    #Euphoria #EuphoriaHBOMax cassie: breathing heavily while staring through the window rue:

    Twitter: @nograyyy


    the students at euphoria high who aren’t friends with the main characters trying to follow the plot of lexi’s play

    Instagram: @adeleTwitter: @brokebackstan


    cassie when the carousel scene #Euphoria

    Twitter: @maklitt26


    not a hair out of place not a nail broken not a single scratch on her maddy’s such a queenie

    HBO Max / Twitter: @huntcrs


    Cassie storming the play Suze and Ethan : #Euphoria

    Nickelodeon / Twitter: @elmirseyf


    I knew Faye wasn’t gon let me down I know a real btch when I see one lol even if they look a lil funny.

    Twitter: @itgirIb


    we could’ve covered like 3 more plot holes if elliot didn’t sing for 3 days… #EuphoriaHBOMax #Euphoria

    Twitter: @ajirixox


    Euphoria is ableist cause Elliot singing is boring and triggering my ADHD actually

    Twitter: @piercespears


    They cut out the scene of Laurie standing under a window at Rue’s house and hearing that she’s clean now, nodding to herself and smiling, and walking into the sunset, damnit she really did it that crazy kid

    Twitter: @caitiedelaney


    Cassie was really giving Velociraptor from Jurassic Park #Euphoria

    HBO Max / Universal Pictures


    Twitter: @freyasolo


    vape girl is just like me fr #euphoria

    HBO Max / Twitter: @Dreamsaboutian


    The way I instantly liked her after this #Euphoria #faye

    HBO Max / Twitter: @Popnuggie365


    Dear Cassie Howard, I’m so sorry I was not your mother

    Twitter: @jaxajueny


    Cassie saying she’ll gladly be the villain just before getting her ass whooped on stage in front of the whole school

    Twitter: @manizegos


    Rue really kissed Jules on the forehead like, “ be well my child, and don’t annoyeth me no more” #Euphoria

    HBO Max / Twitter: @Brittan75534222


    Twitter: @huntcrs


    Cal Jacobs immediately after leaving his family #Euphoria

    Bravo/ Twitter: @ryanschouten


    last time saying happy euphoria day for 3 years

    HBO Max / Twitter: @violetsfroses

    26. In conclusion:

    So many tweets about Euphoria but not enough tweets about how Cassie’s mom is played by Elle Woods’ best friend in Legally Blonde

    HBO Max / MGM Twitter: @sarahramos

    Thanks to all the tweeters who made this post possible. LOVE YOU SO MUCH.