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Jennifer Lopez

Bradley Cooper smiles on the red carpet vs Jennifer Lawrence looks over at something during an event

Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, Bill Nye, And 26 Other Celebrities Who People Say Aren't As Nice As They Seem

"A few years ago, I was with a coworker friend, and Demi Lovato was at an event near where we worked. ... My friend was so over the moon for her and went on about how she had her book, how Demi got her to stop cutting, and so on. Demi walked our way, and my friend started to say things like, 'OMG, you got me through my depression and-' Demi made a face, rolled her eyes, and walked around us. It broke my friend's heart. She never mentioned Demi after that."



Reese Witherspoon with her first kid in 2000

14 Times Female Celebrities Admitted Just How Difficult It Is To Be A Parent — Like, It's All Very Eye-Opening

"I'll tell you how I balance family and career: I have a nanny. That's the answer. Yes, it's very unlikable and unpopular to broadcast that because not everybody can afford a nanny — it's super expensive. My nanny is 62 years old — I would never hire anything younger than 62 years old. If you're hiring a 25-year-old pretty young thing to be your nanny, you're a dumbass." —Ali Wong.

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