You Will Not Be Able To Look Away From These 2000s Red Carpet Hair Atrocities, Like I Dare You To Even Try

    In the early 2000s, your hair had to either be tall, hard to the touch, or both.

    The 2000s was a wild time for fashion, but also a wild time for hair.

    We were really breaking new ground on what was possible in the world of hairstyling; testing the limits of gel, extensions, and colors.

    So I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the most outrageous hairdos from the 2000s because we won't learn from history if we don't face it.

    Note: this is all in good fun. I have had some of the worst haircuts and colors in human history and I love looking back at old pics like, "WTF WAS I THINKING?!" We must applaud these folks for having fun and taking risks while also lightly making fun of what this time period did to our hair. :) 

    1. Nicole Richie saw some pipe cleaners at Michaels and was like, "Wait, I have an idea."

    her hair is three different colors

    2. When a wild Ryan Cabrera feels startled or threatened, it raises its quills as a form of protection.

    ryan has hair that sticks straight out

    3. I can never remember if it's a stalagmite or a stalactite.

    closeup of kelly with hair sticking straight up in the middle like a tower

    4. Pretty sure I've seen this in a Nat Geo special about the horrors of the deep sea.

    Pink has hair in long tight sticks sticking out in every direction

    5. Here's Tara Reid testing the limits of her Hollywood Bump-It™.

    her hair is in a large bump at the front of her head

    6. Tell me J.Lo's 'do wouldn't pop off in one solid piece like LEGO hair.

    her hair looks like a big curly wig

    7. When a brush wakes up from a nightmare in the middle of the night, this is what they were dreaming about.

    closeup of jennifer aniston and brad pitt with gelled hair

    8. It's giving strawberry flavored Creme Saver.

    christina's hair is white with red highlights

    9. Celia Cruz's hair is trying to escape this red carpet with her in tow.

    her hair is blue and white and standing tall at the top of her head

    10. Did Reese not have one person in her life looking out for her?

    her bangs are unbrushed

    11. This facial hair makes it feel like you could lift his chin up like it was the hood of a car.

    very thin outline of hair tracing his chin

    12. I do not understand the physics behind Tyra's hair. How is it... I guess that's the question. How is it?

    her hair is in curls that are standing independently from each other

    13. Katie Price's highlights look like they'd tear off as easily as a phone number on the bottom of a "have you seen this dog?" poster.

    her highlights are in little chunks throughout

    14. Adrien Brody and Michelle Dupont competing for the title of "World's Most In-Your-Eyes Bangs" and Michelle has a hearty lead.

    both have bangs threatening to cover their eyes

    15. Hugh Jackman is wearing a Spirit of Halloween Monica Geller wig and you can't convince me otherwise.

    he has shoulder length hair

    16. TATU after clearing CVS out of Göt2B Glued.

    both have lots of gel in their hair making it stiff

    17. Unfortunately, I had all three of BBMak's haircuts. :(

    the three sporting short spiky hair, one with bangs and highlights

    18. Would you be surprised to learn that Famke Janssen's hair was controlling her like a puppet? I would not!

    her hair is half way up with side bands


    nicole kidman looks like she's wearing a wig that covers half her face

    20. Here's P!nk on the way to see her old college friend about some Dalmatian puppies.

    she has a short pixie cut that's been curled to stick to her head with half of it blonde and the other half black

    21. I'm imagining Samaire Armstrong looking in a mirror, like, "And this last little piece goes PERFECT!"

    she has a pixie cut with two flowers placed in the front

    22. It's tough when the best hair in a photograph is "hat."

    blink 182 members with spiky hair, a tall mohawk, and a hat

    23. Hate to say that Cloris Leachman is looking a little...presidential, if you catch my drift.

    her hair is blow-dried back with lots of volume

    24. If you see a white person with locs you drop everything and start walking in the opposite direction, OK?

    man with long locs

    25. We've consulted with the world's top hair scientists and have yet to determine what the hell is going on here with Betsey Johnson.

    her hair looks like a wet mop

    Were there any hairstyles from the 2000s that you fell victim to? Tell me in the comments!