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After Clips Of Ben Affleck Not Looking Too Happy At The Grammys Went Viral, Jennifer Lopez Subtly Weighed In

"My husband's happy face."

You may have noticed that Ben Affleck did, er, not seem to have a whale of a time at the Grammys this weekend.

After all, photos of him looking bored quickly became a meme. A conversation with him seemingly bickering with wife Jennifer Lopez went viral. Even before the Grammys, a video of him having a conversation with J.Lo at the premiere of Shotgun Wedding became the subject of lip-reading TikToks.

Well, J.Lo herself nodded to all the ~discussion~ with a blink-and-you'll-miss-it meme. On her Instagram, she shared the new trailer for the movie Air — which, yes, is directed by and starring Ben.

However, at the beginning of the video, Jennifer threw in this meme:

Ah, the face of unbridled joy.

For what it's worth, according to a seat filler at the Grammys, J.Lo showed Ben the memes mid-show — and his response was to say words to the effect of, "Oh god, this again." The two were otherwise apparently “lovey dovey.”

Anyway, here's a nice picture of him laughing with Adrien Brody at the Grammys: