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    Jimmy Kimmel Brought Up To Jennifer Lopez How He Wasn't Invited To Their Wedding, Even Though Ben Was Invited To Jimmy's Wedding

    "Aren't you and Ben really good friends?"

    This week, Jennifer Lopez stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about her upcoming album This Is Me… Now, her new film Shotgun Wedding, and her own wedding.

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    Now, if you recall, J.Lo and Ben Affleck got hitched in Vegas at the iconic Little White Chapel. It was just the two of them with no friends and family.

    J.Lo and Ben Affleck on their wedding day

    But then, they had their more formal, huge wedding in Ben's mansion in Georgia, which Jimmy brought up.

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

    "I want you to know it was incorrectly reported that I was at your wedding," he said. "Everyone I know texted me, 'You guys are at the wedding? What's going on?!'"

    Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Kimmel

    "I was like, 'No, we were not at the wedding,'" Jimmy said.

    Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Kimmel

    Then, Jimmy awkwardly just came right out with it. "I just wanna ask — why were we not at the wedding?"

    Closeup of Jimmy Kimmel

    J.Lo laughed, but then said, "I was gonna say the same thing. Aren't you and Ben really good friends?"

    Closeup of Jennifer Lopez

    "Well, that's what I thought," Jimmy said. "Ben was certainly at my wedding. I'm wondering if Matt Damon had something to do with it? Is it possible he suppressed my invitation to the wedding?"

    Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Kimmel

    "It's possible. I don't know. I'll get into it later. I'll find out," Jen said. "I'll get to the bottom of it and get back to you."

    Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Kimmel

    Looks like there's no hard feelings, though, because Jimmy gave Jen a gift for them — sterling gold Dunkin' mugs for their coffee, since Ben always goes to Dunkin'.

    Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Kimmel

    Love it. You can watch the full interview here.