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    Jennifer Lopez Explains Why She Had To Turn Down Madonna And Britney Spears's Iconic Performance At The 2003 VMAs

    Madonna and Britney's televised smooch made VMA history.

    Jennifer Lopez says that Madonna and Britney Spears's iconic performance at the 2003 VMAs was originally supposed to be a little different!

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    In case you forgot (or weren't born yet), Britney and Madonna made headlines when they shared a kiss on stage during the award ceremony's opening performance.

    Britney and Madonna kiss on stage

    They were also joined by Christina Aguilera — but her smooch with Madonna ended up getting cut from the broadcast.

    Madonna performs between Britney and Christina

    It turns out that Christina wasn't even supposed to be a part of the performance — at least according to J.Lo.

    Madonna and Christina kiss

    Jennifer just revealed that she was actually approached about joining Madonna and Britney's performance, but she ended up having to turn them down.

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    "I was filming a movie in Canada, and we had met — me, her, and Britney — to do it at her home," Jennifer explained on E! News.

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    She continued, "We had talked about it. I love Madonna. I'm a huge fan. I always have been."

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    Unfortunately, Jennifer wasn't able to get a break from filming so she had to pass on the opportunity.

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    "Then, I just couldn't get off the film, and so, we couldn't do it," Jennifer shared.

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    Ultimately, Christina replaced Jennifer — and the rest was TV history!