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people kissing and sad man captioned "My ex who shall not be named brought a girl back from the bar on my birthday and forgot I was asleep in his bed"

28 Horrifying, Shocking, And Just Plain Weird Stories About People's Wildest Exes That Had My Jaw On The Floor

"My ex lied and told everyone his mom died in 9/11 to get sympathy and attention. He went so far as to get a Yankee tattoo on his neck to corroborate the story. He is not from New York, he's from Pennsylvania, and his mom is still alive. I am pretty sure he's never even been to New York."

"The Majority Of Us Saw Dysfunctional Relationships Growing Up": This Artist Is Using Illustration To Help Break The Cycle Many Millennials Find Themselves In

Illustrator Lainey Molnar has gained a following of over 1 million by sharing comics about dating, double standards in relationships, and learning to choose yourself. "When it comes to relationships, it's still very hard to swim against the stream. Women in straight relationships carry so much of the emotional labor, the unpaid domestic labor, and family logistics, while putting themselves last," she said.

21 Surprising Confessions From Women Who Earn "Significantly More" Money Than Their Partners

"I make more. In my opinion, it all depends on the ego of your husband. My husband has always been my number-one supporter, but I have been SHOCKED at how my coworkers talk about my husband not making as much as I do. It makes me sad that there are so many husbands that feel the need to suppress their partner for their own egos."

A wedding, and a woman crying

"I Married Her Because She Was Pretty Enough And I Liked Being Around Her," And 20 Other Stories From People Who Married Their "Last Resort" Person

"I married someone I considered kind of a settle at first. I hadn't had a relationship in over a year and met a woman at a bar and thought, She's pretty enough and I like being around her. The thing is, we grew together, and I have a very successful and happy marriage despite her not initially knocking my socks off. At no point in our relationship was it so bad I didn't want to be in the relationship anymore."

Poor People Who “Married For Money” And Rich People Who “Married For Love” Are Sharing What It’s Really Like, and Wow

"I married for love — my husband came from a poor family and didn’t have a high-paying job. After we got married, I realized he had hid a lot of debt from me: credit card, student loans, and the wedding, which I was told was taken care of. We’ve been married for eight years, and I have been the breadwinner and sole provider for at least half the marriage. I do find myself wishing I married for money, out of pure exhaustion."

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