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19 People Tell Us The Hilarious Things They Learned Super Late, And No Judgment, OK A Little

"I thought 'flipping the bird' meant kids capturing birds and just chucking them at random people."

Asia McLain • 9 hours ago

14 Tweets That'll Speak Directly To Ex-Girlfriends Everywhere

*blasts "Good As Hell" by Lizzo at full volume*

Syd Robinson • 4 hours ago

18 Grandmas Who Sent Some Hilariously Genius Texts

When a grandma hits 'send,' it's bound to be hilarious.

21 "You're Single To Me" Tweets That Are Legitimately Funny

Nobody is safe from getting these jokes!

People Are Sharing The Things They Learned Embarrassingly Late, And We Need A New Word For Embarrassing

"It was a long time before I learned that Houston is not the name of the guy the astronauts talk to."

21 Brutally Real Wedding Tweets That Are Also Really, Really Funny

"On my wedding day, I'll probably look so pretty that I get cocky and suggest we see other people."

Professional Chefs Are Sharing The Mistakes We're All Making In The Kitchen, And These Are Really Good To Know, Y'all

"If you want to cut onions without the juices making you cry, chill them first."


Teachers Are Sharing The Funniest Things Their Students Have Ever Said, And I Can't With The Hilarity

"Your shirt smells like a grandma, but your armpits smell like a Chuck E. Cheese."


17 People Share The Weirdest Things They've Seen At Someone Else's House, And I'm Honestly Speechless

"One of my exes collected her fingernail and toenail clippings in little glass bottles, and displayed them over her bed."


Are You Really In Love...Or Are You Just Under Someone's Spell?

Is it real, or is it an extra powerful love potion?


How Much Of A Jealous Partner Are You?

Ever gotten mad at your partner for "liking" someone else's pic on Insta?


Are You Going To End Up In Relationship This Fall?

Are you going to fall in love in fall?

A Mom Got Shamed For Bringing Her 4-Year Old Son Into The Women's Restroom And 24 Other Ridiculous Reasons

"My mother-in-law shamed me for having a cat, saying it would smell milk on my baby and 'steal the baby's breath.'"

23 Dads On Twitter Who Know How To Speak The Hilarious Truth

"The biggest marketing lie to parents is, 'Fun for the whole family.'"

19 Really Weird — And Really Hilarious — Punishments People Actually Gave Their Kids

"My mom made me express dog anal glands three times a day...without gloves."


19 Parents Share The Things Their Kids Are Hiding From Them, And They Are Hilarious, Random, And Heartbreaking

"My 6-year-old son poops in the backyard every morning and blames it on the dog."

25 Of The Most Devastating Celebrity Breakups Of All Time

No, I will not stop saying love is dead every time a famous couple breaks up.

17 Parents Who Could Make A Living Embarrassing Their Kids

"Maybe if you didn't vape you wouldn't be sucking for air right now!" — Dad at your hockey game.

17 Best Friends Who Sent The Funniest, Most Random, And Seriously WTF Texts

"Hey, I'm probably gonna be a little late because of who I am as a person."

21 Moms Who Hilariously Nailed Motherhood In A Single, Honest Tweet

"My kids' favorite place to go shopping for toys is the pile I just set aside for Goodwill."


We Know Exactly How Old You Are Based On How You Plan Date Night

It's time to get ready for a night of love (and food).

23 Hilarious Husbands Who Tweeted The Truth About Marriage

"I don't always pick out the wrong item when my wife sends me to the store, but when I do, I buy it in the mega-pack."


17 Kids Who Are So Smart You'll Kinda Hate Them

It's all fun and games until someone becomes a CEO.

18 Seriously Messed Up Ways People Ended Their Relationship

"It was the most horrifying, mentally damaging experience of my life."

17 TV Relationships Whose Breakups Made People Stupid-Cry

"Love is dead." —your favorite TV show

29 Things Married People Want Engaged Couples To Know Before They Tie The Knot

"You will wonder why you ever thought this was a good idea. This is normal."

This Woman Got A Text From Her Ex Right Before His Wedding Day, And Twitter Had Mixed Emotions About It

"Regardless of everything, you were meant to be a part of that person's life, and them, yours."

28 Petty Breakup Stories That'll Honestly Make You Laugh

"His head was too round. It was distracting."

25 Tiny Reasons People Have Actually Ended Friendships

"He argued that Washington, DC, was in Washington state."

What Was The Moment When You Knew You Were Ready To Be Engaged?

What made you realize you were REALLY ready?

15 Kids Who Are Too Savage For This Pure, Pure World

Dear kids, why you gotta be so savage?


People Are Sharing The Worst Things They've Ever Witnessed At A Wedding, And You Seriously Won't Know How To Respond

"My mom caught the mother of the groom blowing the bartender in the back room."

33 People Told Us Why They Fell Out Of Love With Their Significant Other And It's Pretty Sad

"It was a lesson in what a relationship SHOULDN'T feel like."

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