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29 Entitled Exes Who Have Some Freakin' Nerve Behaving Like That

"I think I will give you a chance, but only on one condition...that you pay me $50."

1. This ex who really changed tactics:

"Mom and I miss you"

2. This whiny ex who wanted a confidence boost:

Screenshot of a text exchange

3. This ex who tried to flex:

Text messages ending in, "Go fuck your self"

4. This ex who really tried to pull the "We used to date" card:

"we kind of dated at one point"

5. This calculating ex:

Text exchange ending in, "you do you"

6. This ex who straight-up lied for clout:

"Considering my whole house is 2700sq ft I doubt that"

7. This ex who tried to be cutesy about their affair:

"Happy wife happy life"

8. This ex who acted extra AF:

Post that says, "He didn't put in enough effort and now our child has wrinkled clothes so why should I say thank you?"

9. This absolutely audacious ex:

Screenshot of a text exchange where someone wants to borrow a car to go have sex with someone else

10. This begging ex who wanted an old gift back:

"So now you decide to ignore me"

11. This ex who apparently doesn't practice what they preach:

"But when I tried to talk to you about my depression you shut me out."

12. This ex who thought they sounded so tough:

"At last you admit you're a shitty person"

13. This bold beggar:

"You're forgetting you a broke ass bitch"

14. This whiny ex:

"Yeah, if your paying for my dinner"

15. This ex with some high expectations:

Screenshot of a text exchange

16. This expensive ex:

Screenshot of a text exchange

17. This ex who spiraled over Spotify:

Text exchange ending with, "Do you not understand why I should be able to use something I pay for though?"
Text exchange ending in, "Wouldn't doubt it"
Text exchange ending with "Whatever dude"

18. This direct demand:

"So can't you send me money on Facebook so I can go get it"

19. This ridiculous request:

Copy of a message of someone asking someone else to renew their Netflix account.

20. This ex who tried to name-drop Jesus?

"And won't even make him see my face to borrow it"

21. This callout:

Screenshot of a Facebook post

22. This ex who wasn't beating around the bush:

Someone saying they'll give their ex a chance if they pay them $50

23. This ex with a not-so-excellent plan:

Screenshot of a text exchange

24. This hoopla over a Hulu password:

"Lol I'm just fucking with you HAHA. How's your easter weekend"
"Also I did much more for you then you did for me so yeet"
"I'm appalled!! I would NEVER purchase trash pussy."
"Don't play coy, drop that password."
"You're an asshole and you should really learn to respect other people. Sorry I tried but wasn't happy with you"

25. This Facebook fail:

Comment telling the person they cheated on their boyfriend

26. This friend of an ex who also had some serious audacity:

"You are not using my account anymore. I can't believe the cheek of it. Lose my number please"
"Then pay for your fucking own!! Done with this now.. blocked!"

27. This extreme pettiness:

Screenshot of a text exchange

28. This ex who crossed a line:

"But seriously breaks my heart what kind of example are you setting for our children"

29. And, this absolute doozy of a request:

Someone asking for money for their cat's vet bill
Someone asking for money to get their cat a shot
Screenshot of a text exchange
"if you can't help me you're not the girl for me"
Screenshot of a text exchange
"Yeah, I'm sorry I'm not the bank account you were looking for."
Screenshot of a text exchange
"Im out not for me."

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