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    People Are Revealing The Absolute Worst Thing That Happened At Their Own Wedding, And It's Pure Chaos

    "A squirrel started eating the cake before the wedding even started."

    A person's wedding is a day to remember, for better or for worse.

    Reddit user u/veryverygeneric recently asked, "What was the worst thing that happened at your wedding?" Here are a few responses:

    1. "We had a HUGE Italian-style dessert bar served after the cake. I was too busy dancing, talking, and having fun to make it over to the desserts. My mom asked if I wanted anything and she would make a to-go box. I said yes, cheesecake. That's all, just cheesecake; it's my favorite. Shortly after, my mom told me it was all gone. My cousin came to tell me goodbye, holding a dessert box. We chat, tells me how much fun she had, and how great the food and dessert were. She then said, 'The cheesecake was amazing; you should get some!' She opened the box to show me four slices of cheesecake, along with a ton of other desserts. I asked her if I could please have just one slice. She said, 'No, it's mine — you should have gotten to it quicker!' I begged her and explained it was my favorite dessert. She still said no and promptly left."

    A piece of cheesecake on a plate

    2. "I officiated a wedding where the bride’s grandfather died in the bathroom minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start. I ended up doing chest compressions until EMS arrived and then rolled up to officiate and tell my silly little jokes while the family actively repressed their emotions because they did not tell the bride."


    3. "I got married hours after I found out that he’d slept with another woman because at that point I felt like… I mean, what do I do? Not getting married is the correct answer, but I did."


    4. "My mother-in-law wanted to see my wedding lingerie to make sure she approved of it. It was one of my first times with her, and I was trying to please her to get in her good graces. It was all about control."


    5. "A friend showed up in a white jumpsuit."


    6. "Our photographer's idea of 'casual and candid shots of our guests having fun' was zooming in on one person's face in a group of five with everyone else's head shown from the back and blurred out. Every photo looked like this. Only our posed wedding party shots were usable."

    A wedding photographer takes a picture of the couple

    7. "My husband's father's new wife who we both had met once showed up in the exact same dress as my bridesmaids. In the one conversation I had with her, I told her what they were wearing so it was very intentional. She also showed up with my husband's mom's fur coat on top of it, and then tried to walk in with the wedding party. I swore she was going to get jumped by my grandmother-in-law."


    8. "A squirrel started eating the cake before the wedding even started."


    9. "My mother-in-law shared the news before we could. We eloped and didn't tell anyone until 30 minutes before. We only told immediate family right before, with very clear directions not to share with anyone yet. We got married in the evening, turned our phones off, and in the morning woke up to messages from all of the in-laws like aunts, uncles, and cousins. We had originally planned to do a social post within a couple of days, but because she shared our news, we opted not to at all. My family waited until I gave the go-ahead to share it with others (to the point my little sister told me that my dad was having a really hard time not sharing it with his brother/my uncle, but he knew it wasn't his news to share, so he didn't). At least we know who gets any other big news last now."


    10. "My son (the ring bearer) and his dad got in a wreck on the way to the venue. It was NOT what I wanted to hear as I was getting a bunch of hairpins installed for my fancy updo. The stylist overheard that conversation and brought me some wine. My kid and his dad were fine, other drivers were fine, they were only a little late, and everything else went off without a hitch. But DAMN. 'Your son got in a car wreck' completely snapped me back to reality. The wedding is just fluff; family and marriage are serious commitments that are worth making and keeping."

    Two wedding rings on a pillow

    11. "After having to cancel the bachelorette party, my maid of honor told me last minute she wasn’t coming."


    12. "We asked the pastor, a very old-school conservative from my husband's childhood church, to officiate. We discussed with him what we wanted him to talk about during the ceremony, marriage is hard work, treating love as a verb, that kind of thing. What he ended up doing was speeding through the passage I wanted to read, then talking for 15 minutes about how marriage is for only men and women, how we are made this way, and how hormones play a part. I should add that my father-in-law, who walked me down the aisle, is gay. It's a well-known fact. The preacher's speech at my wedding was basically a condemnation of my father-in-law. He was able to laugh it off, but I am still mad about it to this day. We call it the hormone speech, the one black spot on what was otherwise a perfect day."

    A couple exchanges vows in front of a pastor

    13. "I had previously discussed how demeaning I found the cake smash. Groom agreed with me, then did it anyway. I spent part of the reception in the bathroom crying and certain I'd just made the worst mistake of my life. I was right."


    14. "I had a big old white train that was long enough to drag behind me on the ground, and it was beautiful in every picture, until, as I started actually walking down the aisle, I could feel it detach itself from my hair and stay at the aisle threshold. Everyone was standing up and turning around to look at me so I couldn't be like, 'HANG ON A SEC, DO-OVER; I GOT A HAIR THING,' so I just walk forward. The train must’ve been caught on something because it pulled my head back, and I am trying to walk forward and it’s pulling at my hair. My about-to-be husband thought that I was tearing up at the sight of him, but no, it was the huge chunk of hair this train had ripped out of my head as it detached from my head like a booster rocket. It was pretty in the pictures though."

    A bride wearing a wedding veil

    15. "My sister took my wedding cabin because she refused to stay at my house with the other guests, and then announced her pregnancy at my wedding...12 years later and my husband is still bitter about it."


    16. "Two bees flew up into my wedding gown as my dad, myself, and my attendants walked across the grounds of the venue to the ceremony area. I screamed and immediately began pulling up the bottom of my dress as the bees stung me, one on my butt and the other in a more delicate area. There I was with the bottom of my dress pulled up over my head, with my dad and attendants furiously looking for the culprits. To my horror, I realized the three photographers who were snapping photos as we walked kept taking pictures, although one did lay his camera down to try and help, which wasn’t great either. Everything got sorted, but I walked down the aisle and got married with half my butt and that other area burning and hurting. I sat on ice packs between dances at the reception. Sure enough, when we got our wedding photos back for review, there were five photos of the whole wild scenario."


    17. "Our photographers were a husband and wife team and loudly fought the whole day. It was super awkward."


    18. "My mom got blackout drunk and passed out in the bathroom. My boss had to carry her out. I mentioned it to her a few weeks later, and she had no idea that had happened. She still hasn't apologized for it."


    19. "My sister-in-law and her daughter fought over the bouquet. Like, rolling around on the floor. There are things you can't unsee."

    A bride holds a wedding bouquet

    20. "My mother-in-law got 10 kinds of shitty drunk and made scenes all day and night. This included crying every single minute of the day, standing on a chair to dance, cornering my sister to yell at her for absolutely no reason, stealing almost all the centerpieces (which belonged to the venue), and calling our hotel room at 3 a.m. because my husband’s friends wouldn’t let his 16-year-old sister into their hotel room party."


    21. "My sister had an intimate 100-person wedding. The invite specified no children, but a certain family that we barely knew from our church crashed the wedding and brought their terribly misbehaved children with them. Their children were a nuisance on the dance floor and even got in the way of the bouquet toss."


    22. "I had two maids of honor (my sister and my best friend), and neither prepared a speech for me so I had a half-assed improv speech from my sister after my husband had a tear-jerker speech from his best man. It was OK, but it still sucked that nobody put the effort in on my behalf."


    23. "My photographer got drunk and stoned. All of our wedding photos are orange and blurry. We made our photo album courtesy of the photos from a good friend who had a good camera and great skills!"

    A couple goes through their wedding photo album

    24. "My husband's stepmother put on a ball gown for the ceremony (that we had on the beach) and then changed into a skin-tight white outfit with diamond embellishments for the reception."


    25. "The DJ texted me sometime DURING OUR VOWS that he wasn't showing up. I had a little breakdown right before the reception because I thought I wasn't going to get my first dance without a DJ. My husband and maid of honor wiped my tears, and we headed into the reception to find our friends DJing the reception collectively. It ended up being really special and sweet."


    26. "I had a very small, DIY wedding, which apparently offended my parents (who wanted no part of helping, however). My mom went around telling everyone that 'She'd make sure my next wedding was better.' I didn't speak to her for nearly a year after that stunt."


    27. "My husband's then-15-year-old son came and sat front and center all night with a perpetual pout on. Then after sneaking some liquor, he started making crude comments about my breast size."


    28. "I found out he cheated on me a week before, and we got married because it was too late. I had a panic attack at the wedding, and we divorced two years later because he cheated again. I should have just not gotten married. It would have saved me bucks in therapy."

    a couple on their wedding day

    29. "I’m adopted, and my grandma insisted that my photographer take a picture of her, my grandpa, and my two sisters (who are not adopted) without me, the bride. Aside from that, it was a perfect day."


    30. "My husband's mistress was there. I obviously had no idea about this until after we were married."


    31. "I realized that I didn't love him as we danced our first dance."

    A couple dances at their wedding

    32. "My husband sat down a little bit too quickly and cracked his trousers open entirely, front to butt while talking to my grandmother!"


    33. "My grandma grabbed my new husband’s ass while we were lined up for a family photo."


    What's the worst thing that happened at your wedding? Let me know in the comments!

    Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.