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Married Men, What's The Biggest Secret You're Keeping From Your Spouse?

We're all ears.

Throughout marriage, husbands might keep secrets from their spouses for any number of reasons.

A man and woman lying in bed, the woman sleeping and facing away from him

Maybe you cheated on your wife once in a moment of weakness, and you've regretted it every day since. You're afraid to tell her the truth in case she leaves you and brings your whole world crumbling down. But it's tough to live with the guilt.

A man and a woman kissing

Perhaps you've never told your husband, but you cannot stand the way he smells. You've bought him numerous colognes over the years, but nothing helps for long.

A man sitting on the edge of a bed with another man lying in the bed

Or maybe you secretly won the lottery months ago and have been hiding all your winnings in a separate bank account so your spouse never finds out.

Many $100 bills

Whatever it is, we want to know! Married men, what's the biggest secret you're keeping from your spouse? Share your thoughts in this anonymous form or in the comments below. Some responses might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.