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    21 Completely Out Of Pocket First Date Confessions People Made That Guaranteed They'd Get Blocked Immediately

    Nope. Never again!

    It seems like everyone has a great or unforgettable first-date story, so when u/Mannymarlo asked Reddit, "What is the most shocking thing you ever found about someone on a first date," I knew I had to share the responses with y'all!

    woman laughing while looking up at her date

    1. "He immediately informs me that he has two children with two different exes." —u/TinyDifference881

    2. "That his best friend is the person who is in jail for hitting my best friend with a car." —u/Jilltro

    3. "Guy told me he wanted to be a human toilet on the first date." —u/latenightsnack1

    4. "They randomly brought up that they dated their cousin for years." —u/MidnightFireHuntress

    5. "He would shout at people who bumped into him." —u/FeedTheCatPizza

    6. "He tells me that he's a revolutionary war reenactor and often wears a kilt on and off the battlefield." —u/UltraBlue89

    7. "A guy told me he had jerked off while thinking about me before the date started so he could have a clear head." —u/Sand_Dargon

    8. "A guy I went on a date with from work told me he had a sugar momma." —u/OverallDisaster

    9. "I told him I’m Jewish and the first thing out of his mouth was, 'So that’s why your nose looks like that!'" —u/sarah_kaya_comezin

    10. "He didn't know how to eat spaghetti." —u/SmolButScary

    11. "He lied to me about his age." —u/MrDeedles2034

    12. "I also went on a date with a morgue technician and he showed me a load of pictures of him posing with the bodies." —u/DinosaurDomination

    13. "He just blurted out, 'Because I have a micro penis.'" —u/michellemustudy

    14. "They like to wear diapers and use the diaper." —u/jtrisn1

    15. "First date, guy told me that he’s dating because his wife is dying of cancer." —u/jbm6591

    16. "He was a 9/11 conspiracy theorist." —u/sweep_27

    17. "That he's married with twin babies." —u/Advanced-Spell8363

    18. "She then randomly sent me a picture of her date tomorrow, and the guy I was with was looking over my shoulder. It was a picture of him." —u/fizzywaterisfizzy

    19. "That a 38 year old man swims naked in his parent's pool, while they’re around." —u/slickmartini

    20. "When we met for dinner he asked if he could take home my panties so he can smell them." —u/DiorTRoth

    21. And lastly, "When he dropped me off home he asked if I could record myself peeing and send him the audio file." —u/DinosaurDomination

    Do you have a wild first date story? Be sure to share it in the comments below!