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Tell Me When You Realized You Might Be The Problem In Your Relationship

Let it off your chest!

You learn so much about yourself and your partner when you're in a relationship. But what happens when you learn that YOU are the actual problem in your relationship?

couple walking through a market

From your likes and dislikes to the way you prefer to give and receive love, relationships bring that all to light.

woman in the middle of two men while they argue

And sometimes what you learn about yourself isn't always pretty, especially when you realize your partner isn't the person you want to be with anymore.

two people sitting on opposite ends of a couch

Maybe you prefer a more dominant partner and you found yourself taking advantage of their kind personality.

Or perhaps you noticed the way you communicate with your partner isn't conducive to a healthy relationship.

couple arguing outside

Whatever it is, we want to hear about it. Tell us when you realized you were the problem in your relationship, and your answer could be used in a BuzzFeed Community video or post.