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23 Homeowners With Buyer's Remorse Are Getting Real About Their Experiences (And It's A Perspective I Wish We Heard More Of)

"I wanted (and got!) a cute little mid-century modern home and was very proud of it. But in less than five years, every major system has prematurely failed and required replacing, costing me tens of thousands of dollars. Regardless of what home renovation shows would make you believe, historic houses aren’t as charming as they seem. Some days, I wish I settled for a newer build home instead."

I'm Obsessed With These Ugly Mansions On Zillow

Thinking about homeownership fills me with despair, so I started looking at houses that cost more than $10 million. What I found was tacky, gilded-and-marble joy.

Fact-Checking Trump's Claim That He Has "Very Little Debt"

At his Wednesday press conference, the president-elect said, "As a real estate developer I have very, very little debt." But his real estate companies owe hundreds of millions of dollars, much of it to foreign banks.

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