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    18 Cool Things Other People Have In Their Houses That Make Me Feel Extremely Broke

    I want what they have.

    1. This house has a TV that magically appears from inside the kitchen island:

    2. This house functions as a wine bar, not just a home:


    Wine Station! Grab yourself a glass, and drink up!! 🍷 #fyp #housegoals #wine #DoItBold

    ♬ original sound - farles

    3. And this place basically has an entire coffee shop in their counter:

    4. This house has a wall toaster:


    What were they thinking 🤦🏻‍♀️ yes it does still work. #fyp #momsoftiktok #DontSweatIt

    ♬ original sound - KyleBlockBuster

    5. This house has a fridge within a fridge that has easier access than the big fridge its in:

    6. This house has cabinets that come down electronically so you don't need to actually open any cabinet doors:

    7. This house has a Keurig machine attached to the fridge:

    8. This house directly leads you to horses:

    9. And this house has a swim-up bar, and is basically a Marriott:


    It’s 5 o’clock somewhere... 🍹@sarati

    ♬ original sound - farles

    10. This house can easily conceal its giant screen TV when it is not in use:

    11. This house has a secret bookshelf that leads to a walk-in closet:

    12. And this house has an incognito pantry filled with snacks:

    13. This house has a faucet that takes no touch at all, just a wave of the hand over it:


    Motion-activated faucets can actually be pretty annoying... #fyp #foryoupage #housetour #coolhouse #homes #coolestthing #faucet

    ♬ original sound - farles

    14. This shower has a very simple button feature to go from overhead to handheld:

    15. This house has a small opening from the garage to the pantry for easy grocery unloading:


    Easy grocery unload from garage to snack shop....moms over 30...Quarantined....fyp

    ♬ original sound - farles

    16. And this house has an automatic doggy door which is fancy:

    17. This house has a charging station that rises from the countertps for all your charging needs:


    Charging station in our kitchen island 💕 #mycrib #iphone

    ♬ original sound - farles

    18. And finally, this house has an entire diner in "dad's garage":

    Must be nice to be rich!!

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