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25 Private Islands To Consider Buying Before The World Goes To Shit

Island porn is the best porn. Now someone please give me $10 million.

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From the listing: "The Greek island rises to 334 meters in height with dramatic cliffs. Its natural harbors, clear blue green waters, sand and pebble beaches, and sea caves give it the features of a classic paradise island."

Random fact: The island comes with goats. A shepherd takes care of them every four days.


From the listing: "Situated in Stockholm, between Lidingö and Nacka, this is a fabulous place with royal history, inhabited since the 1600s and enjoyed by Stockholm's high society for centuries."

Random fact: There are three cottages and three houses on the island.

From the listing: "Offered fully furnished, this is an absolutely turnkey property. With three separate dwelling areas, Moffat Island would be ideal for a family with teenagers, or an extended family and/or for those who love to entertain."

Random fact: There's a "workout cabin" on the island.


8. Ballast Key, Florida, USA, $15.8 million

From the listing: "Located just nine miles to the south of Florida’s famous Key West region, this jewel of an island forms the southern-most point of land in the United States."

Random fact: The closest people live eight miles away.

9. Potato Island, Connecticut, USA, $6.5 million

From the listing: "Described as palatial when originally built in 1912; now captivating, this residence stands at the southern end of the private island and encompasses 3,871 square feet of sheer perfection."

Random fact: It's only 1:40 from New York City.


10. Whiskey Island, New York, USA, $3 million

From the listing: "Sited amongst one of the most magnificent stretches of freshwater scenery in the world, this 3.1 acre island includes a completely renovated (approx. 1875) main lodge with eight bedrooms and four baths."

Random fact: It got its name from smugglers who used the island during prohibition.

11. Tavern Island, Connecticut, USA, $10.99 million

From the listing: "Rich in history, legend and lore, this utterly unique property was first inhabited by European settlers in 1651, witnessed the British invasion of Norwalk in the Revolutionary War, housed Lillian Hellman in 1938 as she finished her classic “The Little Foxes”, and, as rumor has it, served as a setting for several notorious parties given by its then owner, Billy Rose, the legendary showman."

Random fact: The island hasn't been on the market in 30 years.

12. Sandstone Island, Australia, Price on request

From the listing: "Sandstone Island is a unique opportunity to own a 55 acre freehold private island close to the vibrant city of Melbourne, Australia."

Random fact: There's a house and an American style barn on the island.

13. Baliceaux Island, Caribbean, $30 million

From the listing: "With its tropical paradise of crisp white beaches, rolling hills, meadows, valleys, hills, cliffs, woodland and tempting trails which snake throughout the island’s lush terrain, Baliceaux is a blank canvas just waiting to be molded into a masterpiece."

Random fact: The island was used as a lookout point for soldiers during the Caribbean wars in the 1700s.


14. Johnny's Cay, Caribbean, $5.99 million

From the listing: "Built in traditional Abaco-style, the two bedroom main residence (built in 1987) captures unrivaled views over the Sea of Abaco and the famed Hope Town Lighthouse."

Random fact: There's also a two bedroom guest house on the island.

15. Cerralvo Island, Central America, $20 million

From the listing: Cerralvo Island is 16 miles long. Like most of the Baja Peninsula, it consists of arid desert vegetation and habitat. The landscape features a mountainous ridge-line and peaks with altitudes of up to 2100 feet."

Random fact: The listing says this island would be perfect for an eco-resort.

16. Moho Cay, Central America, $4.25 million

From the listing: "Moho Caye is a stunningly beautiful 8.38 acres island that is home to soft white sandy beaches and lush greenery including, coconut, almond, oak and mangrove trees all surrounded by crystal blue waters ideal for snorkeling, diving and swimming."

Random fact: The island is literally surrounded by coral reefs.

17. Taiaro Atoll, French Polynesia, $7.3 million

From the listing: "The land is almost completely covered by vegetation surrounding the lagoon which becomes in effect a deep salt water lake as it has no passage to the ocean."

Random fact: There's a small house on the island.


18. Kaulbach Island, Canada, $7 million

From the listing: "Kaulbach Island lies perfectly positioned in the heart of Mahone Bay, protected from the elements by an array of tiny islets, surrounded by crystal clear water and close by to both a sailing club and a golf range."

Random fact: A sailboat and motorboat are included!

19. Addison Island, Maine, USA, $3.25 million

From the listing: "Facing the ocean, this 60+ acre island has two sandy beaches, open meadows, spruce, fir and birch trees, cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, clams, and mussels."

Random fact: There are two houses on the island and both have electricity and access to well water.

20. East Sister Rock Island, Florida, USA, $11.5 million

From the listing: "Fully developed and self-efficient, located 1/4 mile off the Atlantic shore of Marathon, Florida Keys."

Random fact: The island is surrounded by coral reefs so you literally can go snorkeling in coral reefs whenever you want.

21. North Saddle Caye, Belize, $6 million

From the listing: "North Saddle Caye is a truly unique island in that it is one of the only fully self-sustainable islands in Belize developed primarily as a private estate for the personal enjoyment of its owners."

Random fact: Leonardo DiCaprio recently purchased an island in the area.


22. Scott Island, Canada, $3.7 million

From the listing: "Scott Island is approximately 5.26 acres and mostly in its natural state with low bank frontage, sandy-shell beaches and interesting figurative sand stone outcroppings."

Random fact: The property has amazing sunsets.

25. World Island Project, Dubai, $16 million each

From the listing: "The World Islands are a collection of man-made islands shaped into the continents of the world. It consists of 300 small private artificial islands."

Random facts: The islands are about 2.5 miles from shore and can (obviously) only be reached by boat or private plane.