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People Love This Guy's Shitty Real Estate Ad

"Need to sell my house ... I'll call the shit guy!"

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Riyaz Rauf is a real estate agent who loves a good slogan. His signs and website play on the concept of a "household name" by declaring him to be "A House SOLD Name."

Riyaz Rauf

He recently took his wordplay to another level for an ad in bathroom stalls.

Rauf placed this ad inside of mens stalls in banquet halls around Toronto. He told BuzzFeed Canada the ad has created a "talk of the town effect and received some hilarious responses" over the past five months.

Weird Toronto / Via

Rauf said no one has actually called him from a bathroom stall yet. But once he was having dinner at one of the halls and three people at his table were texted the ad by friends during the meal.

"That was a 'winning moment of truth' for me as I believed the advert will work in the audience I positioned for," he said.

Some people have complained about the shit-positive ad, but Rauf says they aren't the kind of client he wants to work with.

"They are people who will never take chances in life and will procrastinate on decisions and will never be part of my customer base," he said. "What matters is people who are appreciative of it and respond well and happen to be my target audience."

Rauf is enjoying all the free publicity, since the banquet hall owners allowed him to place the bathroom ads at no cost. "I think effective advertisements need a lot of creativity and less funding," he said.