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    15 Pieces Of Evidence That Show How Fucked Up Australia's Property Market Is

    Why are real estate agents the worst?!

    Australia's property market has often been labelled as a joke, due to the ridiculous nature of derelict houses being sold for exorbitant amounts of money.

    The state of the property market in Sydney

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    That's not even the worst of it though, as seen in this Reddit thread of real estate horror stories, which touches on hypocritical landlords, shitty agents and bullshit renting rules that Australians have had to suffer through.

    It all started with u/deldr3, who shared a transcript of an actual conversation between them and their new real estate agent.

    The Reddit user is telling their landlord their keys don't work in the front door or its deadbolt; the real estate responds by saying "Yes, they do"

    This quickly led to other Australians sharing their real estate stories and honestly, some of them sound like living nightmares.

    Because even if you have gone through this, at least we can cry and laugh about it together.

    1. "After moving out of a townhouse and spending an entire day scrubbing every surface and doing the lot, leaving it sparkling and better than we found it, I hand the keys in and go to my new house one hours drive away. Next day, I get a phone call from RE agent: 'You didn't leave it in a satisfactory condition, there is some dust in the kitchen drawer underneath the cutlery tray. If you want your bond back, you need to come and pick up the keys and clean it.'"

    "Next day, I drive over an hour back to RE agent, pick up the keys, go back to the house, use a tissue to wipe the literal three specks of dirt underneath the plastic cutlery thing, return the keys and drive another hour home. Half a day and $20 petrol wasted on about three specks of dirt hidden underneath a plastic cutlery tray."


    2. "I had an argument with one in Sydney who said that the garden needed to be identical to how it looked when we leased it 12 months earlier. There's plenty of case law to indicate that’s not true, plants/trees grow but no amount of reasoning could get through. In the end $100 for a gardener was better than having to talk with them again, but it’s ridiculous that they [real estate agents] hold so much power over tenants."


    3. "This happened to a mate of mine. They ended up scrubbing the house from ceiling to floor, paid for carpets to be professionally cleaned, dusted the light fittings, scraped out the oven, practically sandblasted the bathroom and eventually got their bond back. A week later, the owners ran a bulldozer through the place to build units on the site. Cunts."


    4. "My previous RE agent tried to take our bond because the professional cleaners they made us hire (it was their brother's company) shit in the toilet and didn't clean it after we’d already handed the keys back."


    5. "Transcript with my old one real estate agent. RE: 'We can't get in to the garage because you didn't give us the key to the padlock' Me: 'Yes I did. There are four of them, all the same, on their own ring. Smaller than all the other keys.' RE: 'Oh, is that what those keys are?'"


    6. "I had the new owner walk into my place one day. Gave him a hell of a fright as he didn’t know anyone lived there. We had been paying rent to someone for a year and he had owned it for six months. Turns out, the place had changed owners four times in that year and we were still paying the original agency who hadn’t informed anyone that we existed."



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    7. "Not once but twice we've had an agent demand a receipt for steam cleaning and threaten to charge us money otherwise, for places which had no carpet at all. Useless shitstains."


    8. "My old one didn’t even have my address on their books properly when I rang for a repair request. I said, 'Hot water heater just blew up. I need you to fix it please.' They said 'Not ours' and hung up. I called back an hour later, got someone else and they said 'Nope, not ours.' I said, 'Sure, should I stop paying you rent then?' 'Please hold' — five minutes later, 'Yep, it seems to be ours, transferred a year ago from prior agent.'


    9. "Mine just sent me an email directing me to perform a 'virtual inspection' by taking photos and uploading them into some website. For whatever reason, they also specified that it must be done during business hours — apparently I'm doing their job for them now? My boss jokingly suggested to document the time I spend on it, so that he can send them an invoice."


    10. "We recently bought a house that we had been renting. After notifying the property managers three months in advance that this was happening and keeping them included they charged us rent a month after the property was transferred. Then, after apologising profusely, they charged us again."


    11. "I picked up my sister and her hubby and took them to the airport, as they were going up north for a week. On the way, she was on the phone to her agent. They were telling her that they were going to do an inspection. 'No drama', she said. She'd be away and was totally fine with them doing their thing. Inspection was on Monday and I would be bringing them home on Wednesday. When I took them home, I pulled up and noticed that the front door was wide open. HOLY FUCK! These stupid assholes couldn't even be bothered to close the door properly when they left, meaning that it was wide open for two nights.


    12. "My girlfriend's lease expired in June. She’s sent five emails to confirm if it needs to be officially extended or if it can go month to month. No reply, but they will email her the water bill to pay and advise of maintenance work."


    A headline saying "Northcote dump with bathroom in kitchen gets unexpected $1.631m result"

    13. "I got evicted for not mowing my lawns during the mid-north coast flood in April. It was raining every bloody day! Even crazier was that the tribunal agreed with the landlord."


    14. "I moved into a place after inspecting it when a tenant was still living in it. It looked like shit, with dirty dishes and unmade beds, but I expected that the real estate would clean it up. Come moving day, there's mess everywhere. They gave us 19 keys, of which only two worked and I couldn't open the back door at all. Plus, the tenants' belongings were left all around the property, as well as cigarettes down the drains and on the lawn, a cardboard box from a case of beer in a tree, Macca's rubbish in the garden and potting mix all over the carpets inside. I called them and they tried to tell me that the property had been cleaned, but because of the length of time it had been left untenanted, it got dirty again.

    "They also evicted me with 30 days notice when I had two months left on my lease because the owner sold the property."


    15. And finally: "We accidentally underpaid our water usage bill by $0.02. Gasp, I know — we are truly scum. Anyway, we both got an email on a Friday telling us we had two cents overdue. Okay, annoying but my bad, I guess. I paid it as soon as we received the email. That night, we both received texts telling us we had two cents overdue. Then the next day, and the next and the next. On Monday, I email the agents being like 'Hey, I've paid this. Can you guys ease up on the reminders?"

    "What followed was the agent telling us to pay it immediately and send through proof of payment straight away or they would be forced to escalate the situation. I sent through a screenshot of the transaction being paid from my account on the Friday and was told that wasn't sufficient enough proof. We received follow up emails and texts (both of us) until the Thursday when it finally went into their account. All this over two entire cents! We've never paid a single payment late or had a bad inspection. Absolute jokers."


    What's your experience been like with real estate agents and navigating Australia's property market?