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    15 US Cities That Are Great For First-Time Home-Buying Millennials

    Au revoir San Fran, bonjour Savannah.

    Buying a home isn't cheap (to state the obvious), especially when you're young and broke.

    But in some cities, first-time homebuyers have a slightly easier time, thanks to lower prices, more available inventory, and low unemployment rates.

    1. Savannah, Georgia

    Colorful homes on a treelined street

    2. Wilmington, North Carolina

    Sunset near the riverwalk in Wilmington

    3. Madison, Wisconsin

    Night shot of the capital building in Madison, Wisconsin

    4. Champaign, Illinois

    5. Davenport, Iowa

    6. Great Falls, Montana

    7. Kalamazoo, Michigan

    8. Charleston, South Carolina

    Downtown Charleston in the evening

    9. Albany, New York

    View of Albany from the water

    10. Lawrence, Kansas

    11. Hillsboro, Oregon

    Aerial view of the Portland, Oregon metro area

    12. West Jordan, Utah

    View of Salt Lake City and the mountains from a distance

    13. Hampton, Virginia

    Glimmering city on the water

    14. Reno, Nevada

    Sunset over Reno, Nevada

    15. Cranston, Rhode Island

    View looking toward Providence on the water

    Do you have any advice for first-time homebuyers? Share your wisdom in the comments!

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