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    17 Incredible Upstate New York Homes You Won't Believe Are Less Than $300K

    Whether you want a ton of land, close proximity to Main Street, or a newly renovated farmhouse — there's something you in upstate NY.

    1. This gorgeous brick house that's a short drive from all of the natural treasures the Catskills has to offer.

    Imagine being perpetually on vacation: You'll go on long hikes when the weather is good, and pack your skis in the trunk when it starts to snow.

    Price: $249,900


    What you get: Four bedrooms, walk-in closets, two bathrooms, two acres, two-tier deck, two enclosed porches, and a two-car detached garage.

    2. This charming little neighborhood gem that's a total catch with its gorgeous backyard and saltwater pool.

    Sorry, you can't go into the office today. Why? Oh! Because it's a beautiful day and you have a pool!

    Price: $289,900

    Location: Williamsville

    What you get: Four bedrooms, two and a half baths, two-car garage, saltwater pool, and shed.

    3. This freakin' adorable colonial that's been renovated, but sits on five acres so you'll still feel like Anne of Green Gables.

    I'm sorry, is that a dollhouse or the home I'm going to raise my 2.5 kids in?!

    Price: $259,000

    Location: Stephentown

    What you get: Three bedrooms, one and a half baths, newly renovated with green technology, and a five-acre lot with two spring-fed stone wading ponds.

    4. This oldie-but-goodie that's seriously beautiful inside and out.

    An impressive renovation is nothing if the house doesn't have good bones like this old guy. It's 140 years old but doesn't look a day over 60.

    Price: $145,000

    Location: Fort Johnson

    What you get: Three bedrooms, one bathroom, totally renovated, refinished floors, hand-built closets, porch out front, and deck in the back.

    5. This classy two-story that backs up onto a cute little creek and is within walking distance to the main drag.

    Yes, it is the set of every movie based in the suburbs ever.

    Price: $209,900

    Location: Williamsville

    What you get: Three bedrooms, two baths, deep backyard, cathedral ceilings, and location, location, location.

    6. This quirky little guy that's got lots of character and even more potential.

    Not gonna lie, the inside could use a bit of redecorating, but, I mean look at it! It's clearly worth a few cans of paint and a little sweat.

    Price: $138,000

    Location: Oneida

    What you get: Three beds, one and a half baths, restored woodwork, private courtyard, and a rainwater irrigation system for the garden.

    7. This fabulous Dutch Colonial that looks like it would blend in just as comfortably in New Orleans as it does in the mountains.

    Honestly, I would forego civilization for mountain views from my front porch. Luckily, you wouldn't need to because it's a walk away from the Amtrak — you could be in Manhattan by lunchtime!

    Price: $199,900

    Location: Catskill

    What you get: Four beds, two and a half baths, original hardwood flooring, fenced-in backyard, mountain views from the upstairs bedroom, and an easy walk to the trains and Main Street.

    8. This stylishly renovated home that is equal parts glamorous and homey.

    It's somehow the perfect balance between warm and modern, isn't it?

    Price: $249,100

    Location: Kingston

    What you get: Three bedrooms, one and a quarter baths, built-in bookshelves, brick fireplace, enclose porch, detached shed, and a location within walking distance to Uptown Kingston.

    9. This updated Victorian that's been totally renovated and has a priceless spot in the neighborhood.

    Perfect for a big family — especially since it's less than a 10 minute drive to a elementary, middle, and high school! It also has golf courses on either side, and easy access to parks and recreation centers.

    Price: $292,000

    Location: Niskayuna

    What you get: Six rooms, four bathrooms, butler pantry, gourmet kitchen, mudroom, hardwood floors, and a fenced-in yard.

    10. This towering, '20s-era mini mansion that has three floors of space for a big family — or big entertainers.

    You'd have more than enough space for backyard barbecues, birthday parties, or hosting your extended family for the holidays.

    Price: $218,900

    Location: Syracuse

    What you get: Four beds, two and a half baths, three floors, renovated open kitchen, gas fireplace, two-tier deck, and a flat wide yard.

    11. This glamorous brick colonial that's got all the amenities of a fancy hotel.

    I'm sorry, but this is pretty much the equivalent of a modern castle, right?

    Price: $292,000

    Location: Williamsville

    What you get: Three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, cathedral ceilings, hardwood and marble floors, fireplace, whirlpool tub, private balcony, and a heated pool.

    12. This little four-bedroom that's quite a steal at $50K.

    Think of all the fancy furniture you can buy with the cash you aren't throwing at rent! *Sighs dreamily.*

    Price: $49,000

    Location: Syracuse

    What you get: Four bedrooms, one and a half baths, full basement and attic for storage, and a two-car garage.

    13. This HGTV-worthy home that's in a good neighborhood, but is outside of shouting distance from your next door neighbor.

    Look, if you literally want to move in and do nothing but fill it with furniture, this is the house for you. It is literally gorgeous and has everything (see: pool) you could possibly want.

    Price: $269,900

    Location: Warners

    What you get: Four bedrooms, two and a half baths, in-ground pool, hot tub, new appliances, granite countertops, new carpeting, finished basement, and two-car garage.

    14. This ranch house that's got buckets of natural light and plenty of outdoor space for runnin' and roamin'.

    With all that natural light and those gorgeous hardwood floors, literally anyone can make this house a home.

    Price: $235,000

    Location: Hamburg

    What you get: Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, vaulted ceilings, open floor plan, gas fireplace, granite countertops, hardwood floors, brand new furnace and A/C, and an insulated and finished basement.

    15. This nineteenth-century farmhouse that sits on *adjusts glasses* ten acres of land.

    Hey, if you don't have any cattle to shepherd or horses to ride, you could always build a second (or third, or fourth) home on the other side of the pond. Hey, I'm just spitballin'.

    Price: $289,700

    Location: Rotterdam

    What you get: Three bedroom, one and a half baths, 10 acres, three-car garage, original hardwood floors, wrap-around full front porch, four barns, and a large pond.

    16. This little American dream that's actually got the white picket fence.

    Well, aren't you just the cutest thing?!

    Price: $278,500

    Location: Central Islip

    What you get: Three bedrooms, one and a half baths, wood laminate floors, wood deck, and a fire pit out back.

    17. This fancy farmhouse that's got charm and space, but also the renovations that'll keep it in shape long after you move in.

    All you'd need to do after purchasing is find a cute rocking chair.

    Price: $179,900

    Location: West Glenville

    What you get: Three beds, two bathrooms, one acre of land, large deck, detached garage, updated appliances, second floor laundry, and a giant front porch.

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