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    17 Incredible Upstate New York Homes You Won't Believe Are Less Than $300K

    Whether you want a ton of land, close proximity to Main Street, or a newly renovated farmhouse — there's something you in upstate NY.

    1. This gorgeous brick house that's a short drive from all of the natural treasures the Catskills has to offer.

    2. This charming little neighborhood gem that's a total catch with its gorgeous backyard and saltwater pool.

    3. This freakin' adorable colonial that's been renovated, but sits on five acres so you'll still feel like Anne of Green Gables.

    4. This oldie-but-goodie that's seriously beautiful inside and out.

    5. This classy two-story that backs up onto a cute little creek and is within walking distance to the main drag.

    6. This quirky little guy that's got lots of character and even more potential.

    7. This fabulous Dutch Colonial that looks like it would blend in just as comfortably in New Orleans as it does in the mountains.

    8. This stylishly renovated home that is equal parts glamorous and homey.

    9. This updated Victorian that's been totally renovated and has a priceless spot in the neighborhood.

    10. This towering, '20s-era mini mansion that has three floors of space for a big family — or big entertainers.

    11. This glamorous brick colonial that's got all the amenities of a fancy hotel.

    12. This little four-bedroom that's quite a steal at $50K.

    13. This HGTV-worthy home that's in a good neighborhood, but is outside of shouting distance from your next door neighbor.

    14. This ranch house that's got buckets of natural light and plenty of outdoor space for runnin' and roamin'.

    15. This nineteenth-century farmhouse that sits on *adjusts glasses* ten acres of land.

    16. This little American dream that's actually got the white picket fence.

    17. This fancy farmhouse that's got charm and space, but also the renovations that'll keep it in shape long after you move in.