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What Do You Wish You Had Considered Before You Signed Your First Lease?

"How did I not know there was next to no water pressure in this place?!"

I'm not gonna sugarcoat it: Apartment/house hunting is one of the most soul-sucking responsibilities of adulthood.

So tell us: What do you wish you had considered before you signed your first lease?

Maybe you didn't pay much attention to the surrounding area, and it turned out to be super noisy at night.

And maybe you wish that you knew the walls were absurdly thin and you could hear everything your neighbors do and say.

Perhaps you found an apartment that fits perfectly in your budget, but didn't factor in the utilities.

Me, desperately trying to stay warm this winter without running up the electricity bill.

"Would it be weird if I started using candles instead of lights to save on electricity?"

Or perhaps you found an apartment that was a total steal, but didn't realize how much you would be paying in random fees.

Maybe you wish you had talked to other tenants in the building to learn more about the landlord and super.

I once told my landlord there were swarms of large, strange insects getting into the apartment and he texted back "They live in the trees" with no follow up

"So do they like... respond?"

Or maybe you just wish you had paid more attention to the water pressure.

Tell us what you wish you had considered before you signed your first lease in the dropbox below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!