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19 Bizarre Things About NYC Apartments Most Americans Will Never, Ever Get

Why do I live here again?

1. Understanding apartment listings nearly requires a history degree since wars — yes, wars — are used to categorize apartments by age.

2. And applying for an apartment is not only expensive, but also super competitive and overly complicated.

why do apartments in nyc need to know your name, your age, your tax returns, your resume, what you ate for dinner 3 years ago,

The vacancy rate in NYC is incredibly low, meaning there just aren't that many available apartments out there. After finding one, you then have to provide your potential landlord with a TON of information about yourself.

3. It's conceivable that you'd have to pay an application fee, a broker's fee, a security deposit, and the first month's rent all up front.

4. It's literally so expensive that some people have roommates well into their THIRTIES.

5. Bedrooms, by the way, are often freakin' tiny.

6. Some of them don't even have a window to the outside world.

7. Bedroom closets aren't guaranteed either, and if you do have one, it's probably big enough for about seven sweaters.

8. Fire escapes are the closest thing most people will ever have to "outdoor space" in the city.

9. Having a washer and dryer in unit is a luxury most New Yorkers can only dream about.

10. In fact, many apartment buildings don't have laundry rooms either.

11. The only dishwasher in many NYC apartments is the person left to wash the dishes by hand.

12. Everything about NYC apartment kitchens is small: the sink, the stove, and sometimes even the fridge.

13. A pantry? Forget about it. You're lucky if you have more than two or three kitchen cabinets.

I just discovered a completely empty kitchen cabinet. In a NYC studio apartment, that's like discovering you have an entire other room!

14. Apartment buildings don't "come with" parking lots or garages.

15. And finding an affordable place to park your car near your apartment is literally almost impossible, especially in Manhattan.

16. Nabbing an apartment that allows pets — especially dogs — is a nearly impossible task.

why do so many apartments in new york not allow pets? seriously a drunk hipster is more dangerous then a cat.

17. Installing your window AC unit each summer is a terrifying ritual that could literally kill someone down below if it goes wrong.

NYC nightmares: my upstairs neighbor's AC JUST FELL OUT THE WINDOW

18. And, during the winter, some apartments in older buildings can't even control their own heat.

I do not understand heating in NYC apartments, why is there no setting between arctic tundra and like the fires of hell.

19. Yet, for some reason, the search for a bigger, better place is always on.