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    12 Midwest Fixer Uppers Under $100K That Prove The American Dream Is Real

    Can't you picture it?

    1. This unique treat that's gonna be so cute when you put your own spin on it.

    2. This gutted bungalow that's such a steal, you can spend all your extra money on the renovation.

    3. This sweet spot that's got character, class, and brand new everything!

    4. This little number that's perfect if you'd rather spend your money on furnishings that make a home feel like your own.

    5. This cute lil' guy that's already been updated, so you can focus all your imagination on the massive lot it sits on.

    6. This half-finished home that's held up for over a century, but just needs some work on the exterior.

    7. This mountain of a house that's got everything you could possibly want, from a big backyard to a working fireplace.

    8. This colorful home that definitely needs some updates, but is sturdy enough to last a long time.

    9. This spacious property that's pretty quirky, but has so much to offer.

    10. This charming Cape Cod that's in pretty good shape as it is, but could use your excellent taste to make it really sparkle.

    11. This quaint cottage that will look great with a few coats of paint.

    12. And this unique farmhouse that just needs your interior decorating skills to make it amazing.