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    A Real Estate Listing Is Going Viral That Starts Out Normal But Gets Real Weird, Real Fast

    Hey, at least you'll never feel alone again.

    Welcome to a post about one of my favorite things.


    A post about a real estate listing that starts out totally fine and normal but gets real weird, real fast.


    Today's viral real estate listing is from South Lake Tahoe, California.

    Absolutely nothing creepy to see here

    The listing description is cute. It's a duplex with a lot of potential. It's close to casinos, beaches, shopping, and skiing. There's a large driveway!

    "There is a spacious 3 bedroom 2 bathroom unit upstairs..."

    But one little detail caught my eye...

    Property sold as is

    So, the outside. Unsuspecting. There's that large driveway.

    A car sits in the large driveway and the home has few trees off to the side

    Totally fine. Totally reasonable.

    The garage — okay, it's fine.

    The garage has a parked car and other items you would normally find inside of a garage

    This room. OK, OK.

    There's a large TV, a couch, table, and other regular household items except the room is right off the garage which you can see into through a sliding door

    Not so sure about that green curtain, but that can be changed.

    A small kitchen is off the room that leads into the garage

    Nothing too weird here, just a pile of dirty laundry on a couch.

    A bedroom. Some might even call it boring.

    A bed covered in only a sheet and a single pillow with a couch next to it

    Completely normal bathroom.

    Someone forgot to put the toilet paper onto the roll, which DRIVES ME CRAZY, but fine.

    This kitchen. I'd say it's quaint.

    But then you go into the other unit, and things get strange.

    Several tall religious figures are placed around the room as well as some strange dressed up decorative items

    What the?

    There's mannequins.

    A female mannequin dressed in a long wig and a sequined evening gown casually standing at the bar top of a kitchen


    Several more female mannequins dressed in a long wigs and sequined evening gowns of various colors and styles


    There's a nude mannequin laying seductively on it's side in one room

    Yes, just a bunch of plastic ladies hanging around.

    One mannequin with short curly hair sits and gazes out into a room in her gown and matching sash thrown fashionably around her neck


    The upper half of an armless mannequin leans against a wall as she looks to the side

    They appear to even match the green carpet.

    So yeah, if you're into mannequins, here's the deal for you.

    You'll never feel alone again. :)

    Sweet dreams!

    A mannequin with her hands on her hips stands next to a bed

    And good night!

    Several mannequins and dolls standing in a room