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    14 Crucial Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying A Home

    With answers explained as if you were drunk.

    1. Do I want to live in this area for the next five years?

    2. Will I be having kids while I live there?

    3. Is the neighborhood walkable?

    4. Should I get a Federal Housing Administration loan (or FHA)?

    5. My bestie and I are going in on a house together: Can we both pay equal amounts?

    6. WTF is equity?

    7. Do I have extra ~cash money~ on-hand for closing costs?

    8. Have I talked to a mortgage loan consultant yet?

    9. Do I want a fixer upper?

    10. What does it mean to get pre-qualified and do I have to do it?

    11. How do I get pre-qualified?

    12. What are the pros and cons of buying a condo?

    13. Or do I want a co-op instead?

    14. Is my heart set on a house?

    Welcome *home*.