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    Here's How Much The Houses In Netflix Shows Really Cost

    We finally know the truth.

    Anyone who has ever watched TV before knows there are certain characters who could never afford their home in real life.


    Looking at you, Carrie Bradshaw! Well, thanks to some info provided by, we recently found out just how much those rom-com houses actually cost.

    And now we rounded up some new stats on your favorite Netflix shows! Here are some the most notable ones:

    1. Kimmy's apartment in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: $1,300 per month.


    Kimmy considerably upgraded from her Indiana bunker when she scored this Brooklyn apartment. In the show, the apartment costs $475 per month. Between her and Titus, that's only $237.50 a person! Not too shabby.

    But the current market value for the apartment IRL is around $1,300 per month, or $650 split between the two of them. That's still pretty reasonable, and Kimmy could ~probably~ afford that on her nanny salary.

    2. Pablo Escobar's massive retreat, Hacienda Napoles, in Narcos: $63 million.


    In 1979, Pablo Escobar spent around $63 million for his massive 5,000-acre estate. The property had 24 artificial lakes, an airstrip, helipads, a swimming pool, a 500-seat bullfighting arena, life-size concrete dinosaurs Escobar built for his son, and a private zoo.

    Narcos was filmed at a separate location because the actual Hacienda Napoles was stripped apart by treasure seekers. After his death, the Colombian government ceded the retreat and valued it at $2.23 million. In 2014, a private company invested $10 million to restore the property and transform it into a theme park — but due to poor construction and serious damage to the buildings, the estate remains abandoned.

    3. Joyce and Will's house in Stranger Things: $767 per month.


    This infamous house is probably a lot cheaper after the major destruction it endured in Season 1. But those things happen when there are monsters living in your town. Despite its supernatural inhabitants, the current market value of this three-bedroom, one-bath Jackson, Georgia, home is $767 per month.

    In 1983, when the show takes place, the cost would be $247 per month...seems pretty reasonable for Joyce.

    4. The Bluth's model home in Arrested Development: $2,470 per month.


    The Bluth's model home is set in the poorly-named fictional subdivision Sudden Valley, but the actual location is in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. The median rent for it is around $2,470 per month.

    If the 3000-square-foot house has no internet and a sinking living room like it does in the show, then in reality the rent would be adjusted to around $1,900, which the ENTIRE Bluth family could definitely afford.

    5. Francis and Claire Underwood's Capitol Hill apartment in House of Cards: $5,800 per month.


    The Underwood's stunning DC apartment is, no surprise, around $5,800 per month. While the apartment itself was filmed in Capitol Hill, the exterior was actually shot in Baltimore, Maryland.

    And since Francis and Claire are pretty damn affluent on House of Cards, it's fair to say they could probably swing $5,800 per month.

    6. Luke's superhero apartment in Luke Cage: $2,100 per month.


    The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Harlem is around $2,100. Luke's pad is set above Genghis Connie's Chinese restaurant but the real-life street corner is actually in Washington Heights.

    But honestly, if you're a superhero, you probably don't even have to pay rent.

    7. And finally, BoJack's luxurious Hollywood crib in BoJack Horseman: $27,500 per month.


    Ok, yes this is a cartoon series, but BoJack's Hollywood Hills pad would realistically cost around $27,500 PER MONTH. His posh rental overlooks the Hollywood sign, is built on the side of the mountain, and includes a wraparound deck. Because BoJack hasn't been in the entertainment biz in a while, I have no idea how he affords a cool 30K in rent, but whatever, he's an animated horseman so that's the least of his problems.

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