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This Insane House Is Every Cat Lover's Fever Dream

*frantically dials realtor's phone number*

This is a house for sale in Arizona. Just your average Arizona house, right?

It sits on 20 acres of land! Cool, right? The desert is beautiful.

Wait... that's what the inside looks like?

Are... are those cats?

Surely that can't be a medieval stone castle for cats!!! (It is a medieval stone castle for cats.)

Look at those rugs!




Guess how the kitchen is decorated. Yep, it's dog-themed! Just kidding, it's cats.

Work out in your home gym under the calming gaze of a million little cat faces.

If I can't poop with my feet planted firmly on a giant photo of a kitten, then what is America even about?

The yard isn't cat-themed YET. You know what to do.

The house's realtor, Elizabeth Keller, told the Phoenix Business Journal that the owners only owned two cats, and that the home DOESN'T smell like felines.

I mean, really? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

  1. The Cat House can be yours for only (only?) $240,000. Are you purr-suaded?

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The Cat House can be yours for only (only?) $240,000. Are you purr-suaded?
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