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    Here's What Houses You Can Buy For $1 Million In Every Continent

    Except for Antarctica, soz.

    ✈️ Europe ✈️

    1. A five-bedroom house with two private courtyards in Paris, France.

    2. A modern three-bedroom house in London, England.

    3. A five-bedroom seafront house in Istanbul, Turkey.

    ✈️ Africa ✈️

    4. A four-bedroom house in Cape Town, South Africa with its own wine-tasting room.

    5. A three-bedroom house in Nairobi Kenya, complete with a private outdoor bar and one acre of land.

    6. A one-bedroom apartment in the brand new Eden Island, Seychelles.

    ✈️ North America ✈️

    7. A five-bedroom house and a self-contained guest house in Great Exuma, The Bahamas.

    8. A four-bedroom redbrick house in Toronto, Canada.

    9. A two-bedroom apartment with a view of the Manhattan skyline in New York, USA.

    10. A three-bedroom bungalow in Los Angeles, USA.

    ✈️ Oceania ✈️

    11. A seven-bedroom nautical inspired house in Auckland, New Zealand.

    12. A three-bedroom (all with ensuites) house in Queensland, Australia.

    ✈️ South America ✈️

    13. A five-bedroom house in Colina, Chile, right in the heart of a golf course.

    14. A four-bedroom house in São Paulo, Brazil, complete with a hot tub and private gym.

    15. A three-bedroom house in Maldonado, Uruguay, with an outdoor jacuzzi.

    ✈️ Asia ✈️

    16. A four-bedroom villa in Bali, Indonesia that has its own games room.

    17. A cosy four-bedroom bungalow in Uttar Pradesh, India

    18. A four-bedroom villa in Surat Thani, Thailand, complete with its own private infinity pool.

    Which house would you live in? Let us know in the comments!