Listen: This Is Why Jonah Hill Stood Up To Body Shaming, And How It Helps Everyone

    “Say it with your chest: Protect Jonah Hill at all costs. I was so grateful to see his vulnerability. Because when you get vulnerable like that--it changes other people.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. Today we’re talking about Jonah Hill because we still can’t get over the incredibly moving and vulnerable message he posted on Instagram after paparazzi photos of him at the beach made their way to the tabloids.

    Elamin Abdelmahmoud joins us to talk about how the media’s history of body shaming men like Hill has gone largely unchecked, and the not-so-funny trope of the “fat funny guy.”

    2. Finding a dream apartment on TikTok? Turns out it’s possible.

    3. Ryan Murphy is responding to George Rivera’s claims about broken promises.

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