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Postal Survey

Postal Survey

We've collected the data, and it turns out a lot of same-sex couples got married.

Touted by some as the man who brought down Malcolm Turnbull, Alan Jones had a hand in the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

The LGBTI Legal Service is targeting posts on social media and posters put up during the postal survey that vilified queer people during last year's postal survey.

"Compulsory radical gay sex education."

For trying to give away merch if the "yes" vote reached 70%.

Remember that three months when everyone debated the rights of a minority group in Australia? Let's not do that again.

"This bill is necessary because there is significant community concern about the possible erosion of the institution of marriage," Philip Ruddock said in 2004.

"I said to the No campaign many times, to win this vote you have to get my mother to vote against me."

"There’ll be lots of queens there – but there’ll only be one The Queen."

"The debates of the past two months hurt me and hurt my family."

Observers saw 4.8% of all responses – and largely agreed with the ABS.

Because a majority of his electorate voted "yes".

"Not sure Al Bundy represents the struggle by gay and lesbian people for equality after years of repression but hey."

For some, this is just the beginning.

"What we heard was 61 point something — at which point I just burst into tears."

Love wins.

Love always wins.

Looks like they figured out how to mail a letter!

"Is this all mackleroys fault?"

A total of 133 out of 150 electorates had a majority "yes" vote.


Only 17 electorates recorded a majority "no" response.

After months of campaigning Australia voted "yes".

The result comes after a three-month campaign.

Australians overwhelmingly voted in favour of same-sex marriage, 61.6% to 38.4%.

But it's all for charity.

The motion is backed by a powerful cross-party coalition including senators from Labor, the Greens, and the crossbench.

Wednesday 10am AEDT.

"If there is a yes vote tomorrow, you will see parliament at its best."

"I’ve never heard anyone call for exemptions other than these."

"Are we going back to a time in Australia where there were signs outside a shop saying who they would serve and who they wouldn't?"

Conservatives lined up each day this week to say, 'Let's not rush same-sex marriage'.

"Australians are able, and have demonstrated, that they can have a respectful discussion." — Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, August 8, 2017.

"Honestly, I'm just like, really, really, unorganised."

"We would never do anything like that to churches or people who feel differently than we do."

The former prime minister says the "no" movement will become the conservative GetUp.

"At the end of the day, everyone should feel proud of who they are."

Conservatives are crafting extensive religious exemptions, but a new poll suggests Australians don't want gay couples singled out.

It's less than two weeks away now.

"Garriage! That is a stupid word."

“If I wanted to make a fucking law, I’d get elected to parliament.”

Forms must be in by November 7.

Respectful debate goes global.

"I don't want to legislate in haste."

There are still 4.1 million forms out there.

"Why should you have the right to tell me or any other person, straight or gay, what they do in the civil domain?"

"The prohibition on same-sex marriage is creating other discriminatory distortions in Australia’s laws."

The kids of same-sex parents are alright – but prolonged, nasty debate over their families contributes to stress and anxiety, experts say.

"I had my papers in my hand ready to go. And then it was all just closed down."

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