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The Titanic wreckage will be gone in 30 years, and a photo of Joseph Laroche with the text "this man and his two daughters were the only Black passengers"

24 True Facts About The Titanic Tragedy That Will Send You Down A Rabbit Hole

A pocket watch, which was retrieved from the body of a steward named Sidney Sedunary, stopped ticking at precisely 1:50 a.m. — a little over two hours after the Titanic made contact with the iceberg and a half hour before it disappeared beneath the surface of the ocean. Along with the watch, Sedunary was also carrying a key that was used to open a cupboard containing lifejackets. He was last seen handing lifejackets to third-class passengers on a lower deck.



Shrek labeled "A+" and Mean Girls labeled "C-"

What Grade Does Your Movie Taste Get?

Turns out that film critics don't like when you say The Princess Diaries is better than The Godfather.

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