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19 Critically Acclaimed Movies That People Find Problematic, Frustrating, Or Literally Just Boring

Apparently, there are people out there who don't like The Shining.

Recently, we wrote about critically acclaimed and award-winning films that people couldn't get through, and we had a lot more great submissions in the comments! Here are 19 more famous films people can't stand.

1. Lost in Translation

Charlotte in a pink wig leaning on Bob's shoulder
Focus Features / courtesy Everett Collection

"There's only one that enrages me far too easily: Lost in Translation (2003), aka Sofia Coppola's insufferable, racist, and xenophobic piece of shit. I can't even discuss this film with anyone without losing my cool, so for mine and the others' sake, I ignore it altogether. I'm not bothered when the others love this film. Only as long as they don't try to insult me with their attempt to change my mind, because that's seriously the surest and fastest way to piss me off."


2. Titanic

Jack holding Rose at the bow of the ship
Merie W. Wallace / 20th Century Fox Film / Courtesy Everett Collection

"I watched it once with my sister, who cried like a baby. ... I just sat there bored for two — yes, two — VHS tapes because that's how long ago I was forced to watch that awful mess of a movie. ... I've never tried to watch it again since. I even just lie to people and tell them I've never seen it to avoid the backlash, lol."


"I get a lot of flack for it, but I personally cannot stand Titanic. How is it okay to tell an entirely fictional story romanticizing the death of over 1,500 real people?"


3. The Shape of Water

Elisa talking to the creature with a card that says "glad to have you as a friend"
Fox Searchlight Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

"Sat through The Shape of Water on an airplane and it made the journey feel hours longer — total waste of time and attention. No idea how it got an Oscar!!"


"Weirdest movie I have ever seen. And it was cheesy, too. I was over it when she pantomimed how the sea creature got an erection. I did watch the whole thing though, only because I was hoping at some point it would prove worthy of its awards. It did not. And that ending was basically a bad copy of Splash."


4. Moonlight

Juan holding Chiron
David Bornfriend/ A24 / courtesy Everett Collection

"Moonlight was like this for me, which was such a disappointment because everyone raved about it and it won the Oscar, so I was super excited to watch it. I normally like artsy movies like that, but this one was sooo dull. The only good part was Mahershala, but he was only in like 10 minutes of the whole movie! It was such a snooze, and I really struggled to finish it."


5. Jaws

fighting the shark in the water
Universal Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

"I find Jaws to be boring as HELL. What's so scary about one shark? It's an animal, if anything those people should've respected it and GTFO of its natural habitat. The characters are bland, it's not scary, and I just guess I see the appeal but I DON'T GET IT."


6. Carol

Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara's characters talking
Wilson Webb/Weinstein Company/Courtesy Everett Collection

"There was no chemistry, even though I like both Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara — just not together."


7. 2001: A Space Odyssey

David in a spacesuit
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Courtesy Everett Collection

"It was so boring! That super-dramatic music that is instantly recognizable literally played in the background of a spaceship drifting aimlessly across the screen for like 15 minutes! I'm a big sci-fi fan and I like D movies, but that was just a giant waste of time."


8. No Country for Old Men

Anton Chigurh walking
Miramax / Courtesy Everett Collection

"So boring and the ending is so hyped for its profundity, but I thought it was mundane. Javier Bardem’s gas station speech was well delivered, but the scene itself seemed gratuitous and unnecessary — its only function was to give Bardem a good go at an Oscar."


9. The Social Network

Mark and Dustin looking at the computer
Merrick Morton/Columbia Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

"Worst critically acclaimed movie in my opinion: The Social Network. Sure, the acting was well done, but it was so boring and every single person was unlikable."


10. The Shining

Wendy screaming as Jack breaks through the bathroom door with an axe
Warner Bros.  / Courtesy Everett Collection

"Movie I despise as a book fan: The Shining. Sure, Shelley Duval was good, but Jack Nicholson as Johnny? ... I physically hate that movie with every fiber of my being."


11. Dunkirk

Tommy running through the streets
Melinda Sue Gordon/Warner Bros. Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

"My ex-fiancé dragged me to Dunkirk. Tried to stay awake for him, because I know he enjoys war movies. I fell asleep 30 minutes in, and he had to shake me awake when it was over. Worst movie of my life, but one of the best naps of my life."


12. I Care a Lot

Marla standing in front of a board of her "patients" with expresso
Seacia Pavao / Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

"I Care a Lot was terrible — the writing was awful, the characters were lame, and the ending sucked. You're seriously telling me a scammer can bring down a drug lord in one night? BS."


13. Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Michael Keaton on the street with his bird character behind him
Fox Searchlight Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

"Birdman with Micheal Keaton is sooo boring. [I] kept thinking it was ending, but no. [I] almost walked out. I don't understand how it won awards."


"I feel like it was probably an actor’s movie, made by actors for actors. So, like, if you’re an actor and are in that world, you probably like it, but it’s not really for the rest of us, lol."


14. The Constant Gardener

Rachel Weiss and Ralph Fiennes looking at each other
Focus Features / courtesy Everett Collection

"The Constant Gardener was awful. I tried to power through it but left the theater about 20 minutes before the end because it was so boring."


"Same. I’m a huge Rachel Weisz and Ralph Fiennes fan and even I can’t get through that movie."


15. It Follows

Kelly holding Jay's shoulders
RADiUS-TWC/Courtesy Everett Collection

"Everyone I know talked up It Follows for weeks before I finally watched it, and when I watched it, all I could think was, 'This is the movie everyone I know loves? Why?' For me, the movie just felt boring and awkward. I didn't find much of any of it scary or even atmospheric. There are some cool shots in the movie, and obviously no shade to the people who made it or who like it, but it just wasn't a film I enjoyed or would want to watch again."


"It was so built up for me, and it was a huge letdown. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad — just incredibly average in my opinion. I wasn’t scared at all. Even after I found out it was supposed to be like a metaphor for STIs, it still felt like it missed the mark. I love horror movies, and I feel like there are so many better ones that deserve more credit than this one."


16. The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Colin Farrell looking at Nicole Kidman through glass
A24 / courtesy Everett Collection

"The acting was flat and horrible from these two great actors. The story was stupid, and should no way be listed under horror."


17. Hamilton

Hamilton with dancers onstage

"It was Hamilton for me. Before all the theater fans are offended, I have to make the disclaimer that I don't normally like musicals. It takes a lot for me to genuinely like one. But I saw Hamilton on Disney+ with a friend because she loved it so much. I am flabbergasted as to how many people are obsessed with it. I'm like...this? This is what everyone loves? The 'rap' theme reminded me of the grade-school rap students learn and perform at school for parents. I watched the first half and told her I'd see the second half on my own time. Nope. Never went back to it and don't feel the need to return to it."


18. Blade Runner 2049

Warner Bros. /Courtesy Everett Collection

"I walked out of the cinema after 30 minutes because I just couldn't take it. Nothing was happening, and even the amazing visuals couldn't save this movie."


19. And finally, Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Jillian kneeling down and holding Barry on a street
Columbia Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

"I would also like to add Close Encounters of the Third Kind to the list of most boring movies ever made."


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