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    10 Actors Who Had Parts Written For Them, And 10 Who Had To Fight For Their Roles

    A world without Niles Crane? Unthinkable.

    Acting can be a touch-and-go career. While some actors get lucky and have roles literally handed to them, others have to campaign hard to get the parts they really want (despite already being super famous).

    Here are 10 actors who had characters created specifically for them and 10 who had to be extra persuasive to land the role they wanted.

    1. Lisa Kudrow

    2. David Schwimmer

    3. Courteney Cox

    4. Bill Murray

    5. Matthew Gray Gubler

    6. Terry Crews

    7. Chelsea Peretti

    8. Norman Reedus

    9. Henry Cavill

    10. Jennifer Lawrence

    11. David Hyde Pierce

    12. Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg

    13. Sally Hawkins and Octavia Spencer

    14. Gillian Anderson

    15. Courtney Love

    16. Constance Wu

    17. Aubrey Plaza

    18. Kate Winslet

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