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    23 Super-Interesting Authentic Movie Details That Prove It's Not All Movie Magic

    I still can't believe that was actually Jamie Lee Curtis rocking the electric guitar.

    Obviously, most of the time, people are happy to suspend a certain amount of disbelief when we go see a movie.

    But sometimes, films take care to look super authentic. Sometimes, they even go the extra mile to be authentic.

    1. Like in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, when they used real Nazi uniforms.

    2. This _Titanic _scene actually mimicked a real photograph from the Titanic.

    3. Jon Heder, who played Napoleon, actually drew Napoleon's drawings in Napoleon Dynamite.

    4. Jamie Lee Curtis was really playing the guitar in the Freaky Friday "Take Me Away" scene.

    5. And Russell Crowe really learned to play the violin for_ Master and Commander._

    6. In Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks based his southern drawl on the real southern actor who played the younger version of him.

    7. The people talking about dust storms at the start of Interstellar were actual witnesses of the 1930s Dust Bowl.

    8. Rizzo's hickeys in _Grease _were real.

    9. In Cars, "The King" was played by the real-life racing "King" Richard Petty —  and they even paid tribute to his last race.

    10. The woman who had her head shaved in _The Wolf of Wall Street _really had it shaved.

    11. Russell Crowe was actually talking about his own home when his character talked about home in Gladiator.

    12. The doctors in RoboCop were actual ER doctors, according to the film's commentary.

    13. And_ E.T. _also used real-life doctors in the scene where doctors treated E.T.

    14. And in Captain Philips, a real navy medic treated Tom Hanks's character.

    15. Al Martino had real-life mob connections that helped him get a role as a mobster in The Godfather.

    16. Robert De Niro used real money in Goodfellas.

    17. Bill Murray actually did bowl three strikes in a row in Kingpin, and the applause was real.

    18. Director Edgar Wright cast CJ Jones, who is actually deaf, as Joseph in Baby Driver after feeling uncomfortable auditioning actors faking being deaf.

    19. The soul numbers used in_ Soul_ seem to reflect actual estimates of how many people have existed on Earth.

    20. The car in Spirited Away was based on an actual 1990s car, and the crew apparently recorded sounds of it driving on different roads to use in the film, according to the behind-the-scenes features on the home release.

    21. The deli scene in _The Wrestler _featured real customers and orders.