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    Here’s What 15 Historical Movie Costumes Look Like Next To Outfits That Are Actually Historically Accurate

    Cinderella's dress should've looked so different!

    Historical dramas and period pieces often give us sweeping romances, unforgettable characters, and — most importantly — incredible costumes. However, Hollywood's interpretation of historical fashion isn't always the most historically accurate.

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    Here's what 15 period movie costumes look like next to their historically accurate counterparts:

    1. This is how Mulan's onscreen armor in Mulan (2020) compares to a statue from a knight from China's Han dynasty.

    Mulan wearing shiny plated metal armor, but the statue of a knight is wearing a plain-looking brown tunic
    Disney / DeAgostini / Getty Images / Via Disney+

    2. If Mirror Mirror was true to the 1500s German fairy tale it's based on, then Snow White might've dressed more like this German princess.

    Snow's dress is pastel with poofy sleeves, but the real princess's is dark with long sleeves and ribbons
    Relativity Media / Fine Art Images/Heritage Images / Getty Images / Via

    3. Here's how Elizabethan playwright William Shakespeare dressed in Shakespeare in Love versus how he dressed for a portrait.

    In the movie, he wore a leather jacket, but in the portrait, he has a velvet shirt
    Miramax Films / Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty images / Via

    4. This is what Alexander Hamilton's costume for the stage production of Hamilton looks like next to a portrait of the real Alexander Hamilton, who was a prominent figure in American politics during the 1770s.

    in the stage production, he has loose sleeves and wears dark colors, but in the portrait, he has tight sleeves and wears light colors
    Disney / GraphicaArtis / Getty Images / Via Disney+

    5. Here's a dress Belle wore casually around the castle in Beauty and the Beast next to a dress that was made in France around 1775.

    Belle's dress is floral and thin, whereas the real dress is striped and made from thick fabric
    Disney /  Heritage Art/Heritage Images via Getty Images / Via Disney+

    6. Here's the dress Elizabeth wore when she danced with Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice versus an evening gown from 1797.

    Elizabeth's dress is simple, but the real gown is patterned and complex
    Focus Features / Heritage Art/Heritage Images via Getty Images / Via

    7. If Cinderella's ballgown was modeled off a real dress from 19th century France, then it might look like the one on the right.

    Cinderella's dress has a more modern-style skirt, whereas the real dress has a hip roll and lots of pleats
    Disney / Heritage Art/Heritage Images via Getty Images / Via

    8. Here's how one of David's suits in The Personal History of David Copperfield compares to an actual Victorian suit.

    Dev Patel wore a blazer with buttons, but the real suit's coat doesn't have buttons
    Searchlight Pictures / Heritage Art/Heritage Images via Getty Images / Via

    9. Here's one of Amy's casual dresses from Little Women (2019) next to a real walking dress from 1865.

    Amy's dress has a square neckline, but the historical dress has a high one
    Sony Pictures Releasing / Heritage Art/Heritage Images via Getty Images) / Via

    10. If Rose had been a real person aboard the Titanic in 1912, then she might've worn an evening gown like this one.

    Rose's dress is sheer with cap sleeves, and the real dress is metallic with short sleeves
    Paramount Pictures / Chicago History Museum / Getty Images / Via

    11. This is the dress Emma wore when she danced with Mr. Knightley in Emma and an evening dress that was created in 1915.

    Emma's dress has cap sleeve but the real dress is sleeveless
    Focus Feature / Sepia Times/Universal Images Group via Getty Images / Via

    12. Cecilia's Atonement dress is iconic, but a real socialite in 1930s England probably would've worn something more like this.

    Cecilia's dress has spaghetti straps and is made of thin material, but the socialite's dress has thick straps and she wears gloves
    Focus Features / ©Focus Features/Courtesy Everett Collection / Bettmann via Getty / Via

    13. This is how Alex's uniform in Dunkirk compares to the uniforms British soldiers wore in World War II.

    Harry Styles' costume is missing the tin hat the real soldier wore
    Warner Bros. Pictures / Hulton Archive / Getty Images / Via

    14. If Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby was a real person in 1920s New York, then her evening gown might've looked like this one.

    Daisy's dress is fairly similar, albeit with less tulle
    Warner Bros. Pictures / Roger Viollet via Getty Images / Via

    15. And finally, here's Deena Jones from Dreamgirls next to Diana Ross, the 1960s Motown star her character was inspired by.

    the "Dreamgirls" costume Beyoncé wore had a sweetheart neckline, whereas Diana Ross's dress had a scoop neckline and a bow
    DreamWorks Pictures / Silver Screen Collection / Getty Images / Via

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