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52 Fascinating Details In Oscar-Winning Films That Prove They're Even Smarter Than You Think

CGI film crew members were subtly put into Gravity to make it look like the movie was shot in space.

1. Parasite shows whether metaphorical lines have been crossed through actual lines.

2. Maria Von Trapp, the real one, is in the background of The Sound of Music.

3. When characters in The Silence of the Lambs are talking to Clarice, they often look directly at the camera so we feel connected to her point of view.

4. Titanic subtly depicts the story of a real-life Titanic survivor.

5. CGI Gravity crew members were put into the movie to make it look like the film was shot in space.

6. In _Little Women _(2019), Laurie and Jo exchange clothes.

7. In Back to the Future, the drummer at the school dance in 1955 plays in a swing style because he doesn't know about rock drumming yet.

8. Adult Chiron sits facing the door in the diner in Moonlight, because Juan told him to never sit with his back to the door.