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What Does Mitt Romney Wear To Bed?

We've got the answer to that and several other, um, interesting facts Mitt and Ann Romney coughed up during an interview with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan.

Snooki Gave Birth To A Boy

Nicole Polizzi (AKA Snooki) and her fiance Jionni LaValle welcomed their little meatball to the earth Sunday morning at 3 AM. His name is Lorenzo Dominic LaValle.

9 Fashion Don'ts That Are Now Dos

Teva-esque sandals, waist-tied sweatshirts, and more sartorial faux pas are apparently in vogue (and Vogue). Are these trends the utmost perversion of the power of the world's top fashion designers or representative of the ingenious ways they make the ugly chic? You be the judge.

Goodbye, "Jersey Shore"

With Snooki being pregnant and responsible these days, last night's season finale of MTV's "Jersey Shore" could very well be the end of the series. Herewith, all of the last-hurrah's, hijinks, and now-poignant goodbyes of the original "Jersey Shore" cast.

How MTV Shows Have Changed Over The Past Two Decades

Remember the time when MTV stood for "Music Television"? Yeah, so do we. Here's a look of how MTV transitioned from an amazing network geared towards pop-culture, music and teens into a heaping pile of Snooki's spray on tan.

Snooki Without Make Up Looks Like An Actual Human Being

Under all that orange is just a normal girl trying to get out. The Jersey Shore star looks surprisingly good stripped of all that spray tan and the five pounds of make up (even if she's still sporting her signature duck face).

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