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    DJ Pauly D From "Jersey Shore" Dyed His Hair Blonde, And He Looks Like An Entirely Different Human

    "Just trying to see if it's true that blondes have more fun."

    You know DJ Pauly D, from Jersey Shore. His iconic hairdo has not changed since he first graced our television screens in 2009.

    Well, Pauly just dyed his hair blonde, and I have to admit, when I first saw the photos on my Instagram feed, I was like, "Who the hell is this man???"

    DJ Pauly D with blonde hair
    @djpaulyd / Via

    As it turns out, it was DJ Pauly D!

    With very, very blonde hair!

    DJ Pauly D with blonde hair
    @djpaulyd / Via

    "Just trying to see if [it's] true that blondes have more fun...๐Ÿค”" Pauly wrote on Instagram.

    And in his Instagram story, he shared some ~blonde icons~ who served as his "recent inspo."

    Blonde cartoon characters including Johnny Bravo
    @djpaulyd / Via Instagram: @djpaulyd

    The new look is getting some hilarious reactions from his Jersey Shore castmates, including Ronnie:

    Screenshot of an Instagram comment: What in the sisqo is happening here? Holy P Balvin!
    @djpaulyd / Via

    And Mike "The Situation":

    Screenshot: Oh damn we got a situation
    @djpaulyd / Via

    JWoww found the whole thing pretty funny:

    Screenshot of a bunch of laughing emojis
    @djpaulyd / Via

    And Vinny summed it up best:

    Screenshot: I used to be a brunette guy but now I love blondes
    @djpaulyd / Via

    Pauly, ya look good. Even if you look like an entirely different human to me now. <3

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