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Snooki Asked JWoww If She'd Still Hook Up With Pauly And Things Got Hilariously Awkward

"Jenni, would you still fuck Pauly?"

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The Jersey Shore cast is back together for E!'s Reunion Road Trip, and what would a Shore reunion be without reminiscing about all the sex they had back in day?

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The walk down messy memory lane kicked off with JWoww asking Pauly if he got bored with "all the ass" he got.

E! /

JWoww: Did you get bored with all the ass you got?

Pauly: Yeah.

Mike then jumped in, commenting on how tiring it was having threesomes and foursomes. AW, POOR MIKE.

E! /

Mike: You get tired of that one night and multiple women. Or the threesomes or the foursomes or whatever...

JWoww: Threesomes???

Snooki: Foursomes???

But things got REAL juicy when good ol' Snooki entered the convo to ask JWoww if she'd still fuck Pauly.

E! /

Snooki: Jenni, would you still fuck Pauly?

JWoww: I'm sorry, what?

Without giving an answer to Snooki, JWoww snapped back and asked Snooki if she'd still fuck Mike.

E! /

JWoww: Would you still fuck Mike?

*Flashbacks to the hookup board*


Not answering each other's questions, ladies? Hmmm... SUSPICIOUS.

Anyway, I'm just grateful we'll get new Snooki GIFS out of this show.

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