Really Tall Celebs Next To Really Small Celebs!!! Leads The Daily Links

Plus James Franco’s weird weirdness, 6 mistakes you’re making while applying mascara, and the Morgan Freeman GPS.


Abnormally tall and small celebs, standing next to each other! It’s weirder than you’d think! - [theBERRY]


BREAKING: James Franco is either a weird creepy dude or trying to pull off a weird creepy publicity stunt. Either way, it’s creepy. - [Refinery29]


Poor Brit Brit: Here’s a list of 14 terrible ’90s hair trends, as worn by Britney Spears. (The “bald” look wasn’t a trend, BTW.) - [Cosmopolitan]


One reporter gets a top plastic surgeon to answer the “burning questions [he’s] had since age 10” about whether or not the movie “Face/Off” is medically possible with modern-day technology. - [Supercompressor]

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of the rocker’s death, the author of a new book on Nirvana explains the 5 ways that Kurt Cobain changed the face of music. - []

USA Today

Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon is 5’11” and 283 pounds, and although he is an awesome pitcher, he does occasionally have to go to bat. It’s definitely GIF-worthy and amusing. - [USA Today]

Good Housekeeping

UR DOING IT WRONG: The top 6 mistakes you’re making while applying mascara. - [Good Housekeeping]

Geeks Are Sexy

Get busy livin… and get busy drivin’ with the new Morgan Freeman GPS! - [Geeks Are Sexy]

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