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    These 14 American Celebrities Are Basically Copies Of These 14 British Celebrities

    The GC and Snooki are transatlantic sisters. Don't @ me.

    1. Kevin Jonas and Antony Costa.

    Bruno Vincent / Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    Kevin and Antony have somehow, through no fault of their own, ended up being the most under-appreciated members of their respective boybands. Honestly, there is no science or sense of fairness behind it. They are kindred spirits who should probably sit down sometime to chat about what that experience has been like for them.

    2. Lily Allen and Billie Eilish.

    Instagram / @lilyallen / @billieeilish

    From their distinctive singing styles, to outspoken stance on how females are policed, and low to high fashion evolution, these two are just different sides of the same coin. They're also the only people in this world that could pull off that lime green look with success.

    3. Paul Hollywood and Guy Fieri

    Channel 4 / Getty Images / Robert Reiners / Stringer

    Paul Hollywood and Guy Fieri *have* to be related. I can only assume that there is some sort of Parent Trap situation going on here because there are too many similarities for them not to be brothers, or at least cousins! They've both become world famous TV chefs, have iconic spikey hair, and sport perfect facial hair.

    4. Katie Price and Kim Kardashian West.

    Instagram / @katieprice / @kimkardashian / Via

    Katie Price walked so Kim K could run. High profile marriages, reality TV shows, and expanding broods are all things these two have in common.

    5. Gemma Collins and Snooki.

    Channel 5 / MTV

    Snooki and Gemma are one and the same. They both came to prominence because of reality TV shows that focussed on a particular area, and if New Jersey isn't the Essex of America then I don't know where is! They also both had infamous run ins with phones – Snooki with the duck phone, and Gemma Collins with the ever hilarious "NO!" moment to Gillian McKeith in the Big Brother house. I hope that these two ladies meet one day because only hilarity could ensue.

    6. Noel Fielding and Jared Leto.

    Channel 4 / Getty Images / Emma McIntyre

    Yes, one might be the host of The Great British Bake Off and the other might be an Oscar winning actor, but Noel and Jared share three key things in common. Number one: their eclectic style. Number two: the off-kilter vibe that they seem to give off. And number three: the fact that it is almost impossible to guess their respective ages.

    7. Jamie Laing and Paris Hilton.

    Instagram / @jamielaing / Getty Images / Jon Kopaloff / Stringer

    These two have more similarities the more you think about it. Aside from their hair colour, they're both heirs to notable family fortunes, both starred in reality TV shows, and have built their own media empires (Jamie with his popular podcast, and Paris with her YouTube channel). They've also both got their own product lines, with Paris' name on just about everything, and Jamie's Candy Kittens sweet line.

    8. Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, and Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.

    Instagram / @schofe / @ryanseacrest

    Where would Great Britain and America be if we didn't wake up to these TV duos every weekday? Who knows, maybe somewhere better than where we are now! But that is neither here nor there.

    9. Olivia Colman and Laura Dern.

    Fox Searchlight Pictures / Netflix

    Yes, Olivia Colman and Laura Dern might both have an Oscar at home, but that is not where their main similarities lie. Hear me out, if you went on a night out with either of them you'd have the same kind of experience. You'd drink a lot of martinis and they'd spill industry gossip and rant about their co-stars. You'd probably go and do karaoke somewhere. You'd wake up in the morning with the worst headache, and a text from them saying you should do it again, but you never will. It'll forever live in your memory as one of the best nights of your life.

    10. Stephen Fry and Bill Nye.

    LEON NEAL / Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

    These intellectuals have the same smart but charming energy, and both are known for their big brains, and natural comedy. They're also universally loved by all age ranges – while Fry voiced the Harry Potter audiobooks, Nye is known for his educational show Bill Nye the Science Guy.

    11. Florence Pugh and Jennifer Lawrence.

    Amy Sussman / ANGELA WEISS / Getty Images

    These two share the same vibe which is "incredible actresses who go against the grain of what a ~lady~ is meant to be". They're the kind of girl who make silly faces in every photograph, will ply you with shots on a night out, and have a witty remark to almost anything you say.

    12. Jimmy Carr and Jimmy Fallon.

    Stuart C. Wilson / Jean-baptiste Lacroix / Getty Images

    It is weird enough that Jimmy Carr and Jimmy Fallon share the same name and profession, but the weirdest thing to me is that they both have the same puppet-like ~air~ about them. Think about it for a second. See it? Thought so.

    13. Billie Piper and JoJo.

    Virgin / Blackground

    If there was no Billie Piper, there would be no JoJo. Their debut singles will live on in the heart of every girl who grew up in the '90s and '00s forever. Not content with becoming pop legends in their teenage years, they both also graced our screens, JoJo in the incredible Aquamarine while Billie cemented her multi-hyphenate success in Doctor Who.

    14. Girls Aloud and Fifth Harmony.

    Jo Hale / Stringer / Imeh Akpanudosen / Stringer / Getty Images

    Yes, Girls Aloud weren't the first girlband, and Fifth Harmony most definitely won't be the last, but these two groups have followed a similar trajectory. After forming on TV talent shows, they went on to dominate the charts all while wearing similar, but different outfits that in hindsight made almost no sartorial sense. Rumours abound of rifts, both groups have been on an extended hiatus in order for the members' to pursue solo projects.

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