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The "Jersey Shore" Cast Is Officially Reuniting For A Single, Magical Episode


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Attention all Jersey Shore fans, aka anyone with a soul: YOUR FAVES ARE COMING BACK.


YUP. The cast will officially be reuniting for a ~very special episode~ on E!, called Road Trip Reunion: Return to the Jersey Shore. And frankly, I could not be more excited.


Multiple cast members confirmed the news on social media yesterday. Snooki posted a little trailer for the episode:

And Mike "The Situation" also posted a sneak peek:

Instagram: @mikethesituation

Sammi Sweetheart got in on the Instagram action, too:

Instagram: @sammisweetheart

And Ronnie posted this throwback in celebration:

It's been a summer full of rumors about a possible reunion, after the cast was spotted filming in multiple locations along the Jersey Shore back in June.

It will be the first time the cast has filmed together in five years!!! Unless you count this weird Burger King commercial, which you should not, because Ronnie is not even in it:

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Sure, this reunion may not be a full-blown season like ya would've hoped for, but it's 2017 so we are just gonna TAKE what we can GET.


And if enough people watch it, maybe MTV will take notice and give the people what they want: 25 NEW EPISODES AND MAYBE A MOVIE.


The Jersey Shore reunion will air Sunday, Aug. 20 — so break out your finest Ed Hardy attire and start applying self-tanner until you vaguely resemble a Cheez-It.


I've said it once and I'll say it again: IT'S THE GOLDEN AGE OF TELEVISION, Y'ALL.