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    Dr. Oz Moved From New Jersey To Pennsylvania To Run For Senate, And The Memes Are Top Notch

    Longtime New Jersey resident Dr. Oz moved to Pennsylvania to run for US Senate — and his opponent can't stop memeing about it.

    This is Dr. Mehmet Oz. You're probably familiar with his former daytime talk show, The Dr. Oz Show. He's also the Republican candidate for US Senate in Pennsylvania.

    Dr Oz speaking into a mic

    Oz attended the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in the '80s and recently moved back to PA after living in New Jersey for decades.

    Oz talking to Hannity on Fox News

    This is John Fetterman, Dr. Oz's Democratic opponent. He's the current Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania — and he can't stop trolling Dr. Oz on Twitter.

    John Fetterman at an event

    Specifically, Fetterman is calling out the fact that Dr. Oz was a longtime New Jersey resident until very, very recently.

    a map of Pennsylvania and New Jersey

    It's all part of Fetterman's digital campaign strategy going into election season.

    We thought it would be *so* nice to honor Dr. Oz's Jersey Pride. So we're starting a petition to get him inducted into the @NJHallofFame! 🎉 Add your name here and let's show him our support:

    Twitter: @JohnFetterman

    Some of his tweets include playful calls to action like signing a petition to induct Dr. Oz into the NJ Hall of Fame...

    I'm asking everyone to do something nice today 🥰 Help Dr. Oz reach his dream of being inducted into the @NJHallofFame!!! We’re celebrating his #JerseyStrong legacy. 💪 Sign our Official petition today ⬇️

    Twitter: @JohnFetterman

    ...and memes reinforcing Dr. Oz's longstanding NJ ties.

    @MikeZabel It’s such a passionate connection 🥹

    Twitter: @JohnFetterman

    Even Snooki, of Jersey Shore fame, got in on the action.

    Hey @DrOz 👋 JERSEY loves you + will not forget you!!! 🥰

    Twitter: @JohnFetterman

    But Fetterman isn't trolling just to be funny.

    Dude, you're literally from Jersey. I bet you don't even know how to pump your own gas.

    Twitter: @JohnFetterman

    As a former NJ resident, I maintain that nobody should have to pump their gas anywhere in the country. But that's a topic for another day.

    Fetterman's tweets reinforce his campaign message to PA voters that Dr. Oz is not one of them and will not represent their values.

    Dr Oz: I do! PA Voters:

    Twitter: @JohnFetterman

    And Fetterman isn't the only one calling out the recent relocation. In June, Dr. Oz tweeted, “Who do YOU trust to fix Pennsylvania?” Most replies amounted to "someone who actually lives in Pennsylvania."

    People who LIVE here

    Twitter: @Will_Bunch

    Sitting Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey Jr. tweeted out a meme supporting Fetterman's message.

    Did I do this right, @JohnFetterman?

    Twitter: @Bob_Casey

    Even New Jersey Congressman Bill Pascrell Jr. joined the fun.

    I want to congratulate my North Jersey constituent Dr. Oz on his run for US Senate in Pennsylvania. I’m sure this fully genuine candidacy will capture the hearts of Pennsylvanians.

    Twitter: @PascrellforNJ

    Others took advantage of the situation's memeability.

    microdosing what it’s like to be mehmet oz by driving from new jersey to pennsylvania

    Twitter: @Annie_Wu_22

    Or made puns.

    Why did Dr oz need to pay extra to his softball league? Cus of his New Jersey

    Twitter: @OrganizerMemes

    But Fetterman's trolling has sparked a bigger debate over his campaign's digital organizing strategy. Some complain that his tweets are immature at best and harmful at worst.

    Not a fan of John Fetterman's "relentless trolling" of Dr. Oz, now leading media to ask whether Fetterman can "shitpost his way to the Senate." We need an inspiring progressive campaign built around issues that matter to people. This is not that.

    Twitter: @NathanJRobinson

    Fetterman's defenders noted that digital organizing is its own beast — separate from field organizing.

    💯 this. You don’t have to be a digital native to know or learn why this matters—and will only become more important in future. For the sake of democracy et al: please move with the times.

    Twitter: @OkThxByeNext

    Fetterman is known for his brash humor and chaotic online energy, which is why many people think this strategy suits him.

    @OrganizerMemes If I can add a grain of salt, while not wrong there's another angle people should also understand - It works because it is him/his personality. Social media managers and dds, please be authentic to YOUR candidate.

    Twitter: @HeeyoungLeem

    Regardless, as we near Election Day, the trolling is likely to increase — and I'm personally thrilled to see some levity in politics for once.

    a person at the voting booth

    What do you think about Fetterman's trolling? Drop your thoughts in the comments below! 👇