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Snooki And JWoww Dressed As Iconic Television Duos

You must see the Jersey Shore pair dressed as Walt and Jesse from Breaking Bad.

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Nicole Polizzi and Jenni Farley (known to most as Snooki and JWoww) are the no-shame duo from MTV's Snooki and JWoww, which follows the best friends as they live their lives in New Jersey. Since the two will most likely go down in television history as a pair to be remembered, BuzzFeed decided to dress them up as other famous TV duos. We also talked to them about life post-Jersey Shore, motherhood, and how they actually do like being called their real names.


Which of you would be Paris and who would be Nicole in real life?

JWoww: Neither.

Did you watch The Simple Life?

JWoww: It was a pretty good show. But the simple life to us is, like, we grew up in upstate New York, so that was our lives. [To Snooki] You grew up on a farm, basically. We're Jersified now.

Is everyone from high school completely shocked? Are you different from how you were in high school or not really?

Snooki: No.

JWoww: Not really. But the weird thing for me is when I go home, I'm always like, "Man, everyone's changed," and they are like, "No, dude, you're the one who's changed." 'Cause they kept the same pace and they are all married with kids, and I'm meeting the kids and they are on second or third kids and I'm like, "I wanna go to Karma!"

Of all famous duos from the past, who would you guys be?

JWoww: Laverne and Shirley.

Who would be Laverne and who would be Shirley?

JWoww: I think I'd be Laverne. Shirley is more like a worrywart. Well, it depends on the episode.

Snooki: Worrywart?!

JWoww: Well, with Lorenzo.

Snooki: Well, yeah with Lorenzo, but in life I just kind of go with the flow. Whoever is the tall one, that one is Jenni.

What about Lucy and Ethel, who would be who?

JWoww: Never saw it. Is that the one with Brad Pitt?

No, that's...

JWoww: Thelma and Louise! My bad. I just remember shirtless Brad Pitt.

Lucy and Ethel were from I Love Lucy, with Lucille Ball.

JWoww: Oh, yeah! I'd probably be the crazy neighbor. Or whoever is taller.

Your show is called Snooki and JWoww, but why not JWoww and Snooki? Are you OK that she's first?

JWoww: I've never thought about it.

Snooki: [To JWoww] Are you jealous? Even if it were JWoww and Snooki, I wouldn't be jealous.

JWoww: I don't think it sounds good like that. It flows now.

What about Nicole and Jenni? Because those are your real names. Do you like them?

Snooki: I love my name.

So will the show ever be called Nicole and Jenni?

Snooki: No, because Snooki and JWoww is our brand. Like, that's how everyone knows us. But I think once you watch the show you get to know us as Nicole and Jenni.

So, off camera, do you like going by your real names?

Snooki: On a personal level, yes.

JWoww: If you want to get to know me, call me Jenni. And I love fans when they're like, "JENNI!"

Snooki: Me too. They're like, "Nicole, can I get a picture?" And I'm like, "I love you."

JWoww: I think it's extra special, because they kind of grew up with us...

If you had to describe each other in three words, what would they be?

JWoww: Crazy, fun, and lovable.

Snooki: Protective, psycho, and strong.

What is something that nobody else knows about the other person? Spill a secret about the other person.

JWoww: Problem is, we are so open on the show.

Is there anything that the people don't know?

Snooki: Not really!

OK, OK. What's the grossest thing the other person does?

JWoww: Seriously? We burp, shit, and fart on the show.

Snooki: She doesn't gross me out at all.

JWoww: I used to gross her out by eating healthy shit.

Snooki: And I used to gross her out by not showering. Or just not taking care of myself.

JWoww: Yeah, but now she eats like how I eat.

Who do you have girl crushes on right now?

JWoww: Mine will always be the same.

Snooki: Ugh, Angelina Jolie, gag me.

JWoww: Exactly, I would like her to gag me.

Snooki: Like, I love her, but she's obsessed with her.

JWoww: I would never want to meet her, though.

Snooki: I love Rihanna. But actually my girl crush now is Miley Cyrus. I love her. I want to hug her.

Have you met Miley?

Snooki: I haven't met her since new Miley came out. I met old Miley.

JWoww: I met new Miley at the VMAs. We were on the carpet together. I didn't even know she knew who we were, but she was like, "Tell Nicole she looks great after the baby," and I'm like, "Wait, you know who we are?!"

Would you rather have Cheeto dust permanently on your fingers or not be able to tell the difference between a muffin or a baby?

JWoww: I wouldn't want to accidentally eat a baby, so Cheeto dust on my fingers.

Snooki: I don't get the question, really, but I like Cheetos. I pick Cheetos.

JWoww: I would love to taste my Cheeto fingers every morning.

But then you leave orange marks everywhere.

Both: That's fine.

Snooki: We have our spray tans anyway. That leaves marks. It doesn't matter.

What does Ryan Seacrest smell like?

JWoww: Amazing.

Snooki: Like a clean man.

JWoww: Like power.

Snooki: He is power. He is moneybags.

What are you guys watching on TV right now?

Both: American Horror Story!

JWoww: We watch Snooki and JWoww and American Horror Story.

So you guys watch yourself on TV?

JWoww: Yeah. Like, the next episode coming up, we don't remember any of it because it was our girls' trip to Atlantic City. So it's going to be intense. It will be funny.

Snooki, you were on Dancing with the Stars. But who is the better dancer?

JWoww: She was phenomenal. I could never do that. I have no patience and I'm not flexible. I have two left feet. I can only dance at Karma.

So you still spend a lot of time in Seaside?

JWoww: Yeah, I'm a town away. Our Jet Skis are in Seaside.

Is it good to be back there and living so close?

JWoww: Yeah, I mean, I love it there. And I really had no choice because I fell in love with someone from there [Roger] who has been working there for 15 years.

Snooki: So you had to.

JWoww: Yeah, and it's nice. Danny and Amy at the Shore Store, we're legit friends with them. I go to their house and visit. And I'll walk in the Shore Store and it's, like, creepy.

Snooki: It is really nice, though, where her house is. It's, like, quiet and family-oriented, and that's our lifestyle.

Right, because you have a son. How is little Lorenzo?

Snooki: He's good. He's great. He's crazy. He likes to hit. This is all from him [shows scratch marks]. He just likes to beat me up.

Does he speak yet?

Snooki: Yeah.

JWoww: [To Snooki] Do you ever say "no"?

Snooki: Yeah, and he laughs. He knows when he's doing something wrong and he keeps doing it. He's a boy.

JWoww: Welcome to parenthood! Like your parents had to deal with you.

Yeah, do you understand everything now? Like, Oh, this is what my parents went through?

Snooki: Yeah, I feel like what you were like as a child, you get it 10 times worse.

JWoww: I can't imagine me and Roger put together as one. It will be like Bam Bam coming out of me If I ever get pregnant.

Snooki: That's going to be a crazy baby.

Any time soon...?

JWoww: No... Well, maybe.

Snooki: She changes her mind every week. Last week she's like, "We're going to try." And I'm like, "Ohh, so excited!" And then I just asked her now and she's like, "No."

JWoww: If it happens, it happens. Planning is a pain in the ass. Planning a wedding, trying to plan kids, all that shit. I'd rather just go with whatever.

Who would you trust to babysit Lorenzo other than Jenni?

Snooki: Sam and Ron.

JWoww: Ron is awesome.

Snooki: They are really, really good with kids.

So then you talk to a lot of the cast still?

Both: Yeah.

JWoww: Sam and Ron all the time, and Roger was just on Twitter with them.

Snooki: I talk to Pauly, he just met his baby. He's really excited.

JWoww: Yeah, he's really excited to be a dad. And just to finally meet her.