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Hilary Duff Slammed A Claim From Aaron Carter’s Incomplete Memoir That They Had Sex For The First Time When She Was 13 And Accused The Publisher Of “Recklessly” Capitalizing On His Death

In an excerpt from Aaron’s incomplete memoir, which is still set to be released next week in spite of his death, the late star apparently claims that his ex Hilary’s friends “walked in” when she had sex for the first time with him at age 13.





Hilary Duff’s Nude Magazine Cover Shoot Is Being Compared With Britney Spears’ Naked Instagram Photos After People Pointed Out The Astounding Difference In Reaction

Hilary’s groundbreaking cover has sparked a discussion around the scrutiny Britney receives for her naked photos, with several fans also noting that various celebrities — like Kim Kardashian — haven’t received the same concern for sharing nude selfies.

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