Hilary Duff Had The Absolute Best Reaction When Some Middle Schoolers Misidentified Her As "Lindsay Lohan"

    "It's Hilary Duff..."

    Pop quiz! Please identify the actor, singer, songwriter pictured below. She's known for her current role in How I Met Your Father, and for The Lizzie McGuire Show by us old folk. If you didn't answer Hilary Duff, I am guessing you belong to generation Z.

    Moving right along to Lindsay Lohan, another early to mid-aughts star who appeared in classic films like Mean Girls and Freaky Friday. We listened to her album Speak and Hilary's Metamorphosis on our boomboxes around the same time.

    Hilary and Lindsay are not the same person, although a group of middle school students recently went viral on TikTok for mixing them up.

    "Told my students if they tell me who these people are I would throw them a pizza party," reads the caption of teacher @sarahulean's social media video, where photos of Disney Channel celebrities from back in the day flash across a smart board screen while kids try to name each one. When Hilary's face appears, someone shouts, "Lindsay Lohan!" Another suggests perhaps she's Debbie Ryan from Jessie.

    Anyway, Hilary saw the clip. She found it just as amusing as the rest of us do.

    "Although it's Hilary Duff bitches AKA 'Lizzie' live it learn it...floral pants are back," she captioned a post on her Instagram story, which included a screenshot from the TikTok video. "Man am I happy to not have to be 'good' for the kids anymore."

    If you've yet to check out this video and are in the mood to feel ancient today, go on and press play. In @sarahulean's classroom, Ashley Tisdale is Hannah Montana, Chris Brown is Michael Jackson, and Miley Cyrus is JoJo Siwa. Or maybe Britney Spears?