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Hilary Duff's 2022 Holiday Card Is Peak Millennial Mom Humor, And As A Millennial, I Actually Appreciate It

All is not calm in the Duff/Comrie/Bair household.

Hilary Duff is always posting about her big, beautiful, blended family on Instagram in peak millennial fashion*!

There's Luca, her oldest son she had with her ex-husband, Mike Comrie.

Then there's her middle child, Banks.

And her youngest is Mae.

This is her husband, Matthew Koma. She had Banks and Mae with him.

Sooo, needless to say, her household can get a little chaotic.

And that's reflected in her 2022 Christmas card:

You'll notice a few things...

First of all, that manicure.

Second of all, the "All Is Not Calm."

Third, an acknowledgment of the blended family.

A line on the card says "A Duff, some Bairs, and a Comrie"

And fourth, the whole tied up, being held hostage thing.

Now do yourself a favor and stream her iconic album, Santa Claus Lane.