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14 Toxic-Ass Comments Celebs Have Made About Food, Only To Be Called Out

"The ignorance is otherworldly disgusting."

We all know that diet culture is horribly toxic. But no matter how hard we try, it's still incredibly pervasive and can cause a lot of damage.

This is especially true for celebrities and people who live in the public eye. Here are a bunch of celebs who were called out for their unhealthy habits around food.

Warning: This post contains discussion of restrictive eating.

1. Jennifer Lawrence took umbrage to a viral Kate Moss quote about being skinny.

Jennifer Lawrence standing on the red carpet in a red gown, being interviewed by two people

2. Kim Kardashian was called out by Lili Reinhart after starving herself for the Met Gala.

Kim Kardashian on the red carpet wearing a tight beige sequinned dress and a fluffy white coat around her arms

3. Gwyneth Paltrow's "wellness routine" made headlines for being super unhealthy.


#gwynethpaltrow shares her daily wellness routine on The Art Of Being Well, listen now 🎧 #wellnessroutine #healthandwellness #healthylifestyle #routines #goop #podcastclips

♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim
TikTok: @dearmedia
On The Art of Being Well podcast with Dr. Will Cole, Gwyneth revealed that a typical day of eating starts with fasting until lunchtime, then after exercising for an hour, she'll typically have some soup — which is often just bone broth. 

After a clip of the podcast went viral on TikTok, people slammed her for promoting under-eating and diet culture, labelling the star an "almond mom." A dietician told BuzzFeed that Gwyneth's diet "definitely screams disordered eating to me."

4. People weren't pleased when David Beckham revealed that his wife Victoria eats basically the same thing every day.

Victoria Beckham, wearing a big grey coat and oversized sunglasses, walking out of a building

5. Lizzo had a lot of angry fans after she went on a 10-day juice cleanse.


Watch me do JJ smith’s 10-day smoothie detox *cue inspirational music*

♬ Thick - Chiller Tribe Mosy
TikTok: @lizzo
Back in 2020, Lizzo shared a bunch of videos to social media promoting the 10-day smoothie detox diet she was undertaking. “I feel amazing, and I think that it’s just great to reset your stomach and reset things, especially when you deal with gastrointestinal issues like I do," the singer said. "I think I look f***ing great, too!"

Almost immediately, there was a toooooon of backlash. “You have an organ that detoxes your body. Cleanses and detoxes are scams, this is actually really disappointing to see,” one fan commented. “Seeing you promote diet culture is breaking my heart,” another added.

6. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey made headlines for saying that he only eats one meal a day, which people had a lot of issues with.

Jack Dorsey, standing in front of a screen, wearing all black and a black beanie

7. Hilary Duff said that she'll skip breakfast in favor of coffee, even if she's hungry.


If @hilaryduff eats cauliflower rounds for breakfast, we eat cauliflower rounds for breakfast 🍴 #breakfastfood #gotobreakfast #morningroutine #hilaryduff #lipstickontherimpodcast #podcastclips

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On the Lipstick on the Rim podcast, the former Disney star said: "Sometimes, I just try to drink black coffee in the morning to stave [sic] off my hunger," also acknowledging that Gwyneth Paltrow got in trouble for the same thing.

People didn't love hearing this from Hilary, as evidenced by the comments left on the TikTok clip from the podcast. "Dang hil duff... what a let down!" one person wrote. "This isn't the move... women are sick to death of this sh*t. I like these women, but garbage. Hope you like the engagement," commented another.

8. Scientists quickly and loudly shut down Tom Brady when he announced that he drinks a lot of water to prevent sunburn.

Tom Brady sits on stage talking and expressing with his hands

9. Kourtney Kardashian was called "controlling" for restricting her kids' diets.

Kourtney Kardashian sitting in her kitchen smelling a pink donut, with the caption 'I can't eat this but how exciting is it to smell it?'

10. Jameela Jamil put Kim K on blast for promoting diet lollipops.

Jameela Jamil posing on a city street in a fluffy yellow coat and big mirrored sunglasses

11. Jameela also gave Kim's sister Khloe the same treatment when Khloe promoted a weight-loss shake.

Khloe Kardashian poses on the red carpet in a skin-tight metallic wrap dress that is open over her abs, and a slicked-back bun and dark eyeliner

12. Miranda Kerr got roasted after sharing info about using celery juice to help combat COVID infections.

A close-up shot of Miranda Kerr on the red carpet in a strapless gown with a diamond necklace and bright red lips

13. When Jennifer Aniston revealed that she sometimes stress-eats a single chip, the internet had some thoughts.

Jennifer Aniston poses in a tight silver beaded gown at a movie premiere

14. Adele's fans felt "betrayed" by her weight loss, saying that it was done in an unhealthy way.